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2019 Reading Goals

2019 Goals   My goals this year are going to be simple. I’m focusing on the bigger picture in my life, so I have a lot of goals this year that don’t have to do with reading. There are also some bigger family things hopefully occurring in the latter half of the year so I’m… Continue reading 2019 Reading Goals

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A Short Weekly Wrap-up and a Chat!

 Last week was less of a dud week and more of an ‘outside forces are affecting my reading’ week. I DNF’d three books, one because I was not enjoying it and two were just wrong time kind of reads. So ultimately I finished one thing. As always a video is up if you’d rather read… Continue reading A Short Weekly Wrap-up and a Chat!

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2017 Reading Goals : Authors To Be Read

 I’m trying to set myself a few specific goals this coming year. A lot of things are going on in real life for me, and in an effort to sort those out I’m setting some strict goals for myself. This is probably as a result of feeling like I have no control over a lot… Continue reading 2017 Reading Goals : Authors To Be Read

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It’s Finally Flower Time: First blooms!

I started this blog on the tail end of summer last year with hopes that I could keep up and talk about my gardening efforts. It got cold and didn't get to continue doing that of course but everything is coming up now! We have life outside! I'm so excited to show off some of… Continue reading It’s Finally Flower Time: First blooms!

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Waiting on Wednesday 4/6/2016

This gem comes out in May and I literally made fan girl squeals when I saw who the author was. Todd Lockwood has been one of my favorite artists for years. I adore his dragons and illustrations for D&D. He also did all of the sketches and covers for the Memoirs of Lady Trent. He made… Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday 4/6/2016