2019 Reading Goals

   So the goals!

  • Continue my Read 5, Buy 1 Book Buying Ban
    This has been going on for a few years, and it works pretty reliably at keeping my buying in check. Its made me a bit more choosey about what I buy, I have 4 credits waiting for me to use them but I have yet to find a lot of things I want bad enough to or think is worth the price to buy.
  • Read all the books I obtain.
    This can mean a full read or a DNF. If I acquire something and I don’t like I can easily donate it or trade it in for store credit at my local used book store. 
    I have a huge amount of unread books on my physical TBR. So this in conjunction with my buying ban will help lower that number.
  • Focus on my top Genres (Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Romance) for Fiction reading
    This one is pretty on point, and obvious. But this is mostly to remind me that though I’ll read anything, I only consistently enjoy those genres.
  • Read more Non-Fiction
    Unrealistically I’d like to read more Non-Fiction than Fiction. There are a few things going against that goal though. I read so fast through fiction, I own more fiction, and non-fiction in general is more expensive and I very much cannot afford a lot of it. That being said, I am going to abuse the library for non-fiction when I can, and with caution, because my next Goal is…
  • Avoid the Library
    I have a problem with the library in that I get a huge amount of books, and because I don’t let myself renew holds unless I am in the middle of the book, I don’t get to my actual physical TBR. So I’ll be going, but only occasionally, and I’ll be limiting my time there to only the non-fiction stacks and the new releases section as much as I can.
  • Read more Children’s/Middle Grade Fiction
    This last goal is oriented towards one of my bigger life goals to start a family, and I’ve already started this one. I’m super enjoying it as well as I’m focusing mostly on Middle Grade at the moment but this coming year I’d like to also start picking up picture books and even some old children’s classics such as The Water Babies. We have some shelf space in our nursery (which is still set up) just for all the kids books I’ve started collecting. I want to fill that up as much as possible.

  That’s it. Like I said a lot more simple for me than previous years as most of my bigger and more specific goals are not oriented towards reading. Any recommendations would be appreciated and if anyone else has trimmed their goals down as well, good luck! Thanks for reading and have a good one guys.

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  1. I love the library, but constantly checking out books prevents me from actually finishing what I buy. I definitely need to put down the library card and pick up what I own.


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