Thoughts: The Black Guy Dies First by Robin R. Means Coleman, Mark H. Harris

Source: NetGalley - Thank you to the publisher!TL;DR: An absolutely fascinating and funny collection on essays that explore roles, trends, and stereotypes for black actors in horror Essays: Every essay was interesting, though occasionally bogged down with walls of text examples. I also felt two of the later essays could have come earlier - overall... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: It Rides A Pale Horse by Andy Marino

Source: NetGalley - many many many thanks to the publisher!Tl;DR: A shocking and twisted horror novel with fascinating themes - especially for the Art Nerds out there! Plot: This is straight down the barrel of the plot - the characters are just driving to the ultimate conclusion the whole timeCharacters: An initial onslaught of characters... Continue Reading →

September Wrap Up Part 2

Tendonitis be damned I managed to get some reading done in the last half of the month. Let me tell you, it's not easy holding open a book when moving your thumb at all causes shooting pain. Books I've read that I'll be posting full Thoughts/Post on: Upright Women Wanted by Sarah GaileyI will cover... Continue Reading →

September Wrap-up Part 1

September felt like it last forever. I started off really badly, I'm going to be honest and it spurred me on to take up my No More Library rule for the end of the year. I also developed tendonitis in my right wrist in the last half that I still need to get addressed, so... Continue Reading →

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Things I’ve Enjoyed Lately

Another installment! Look at me go! Just a mix this time, articles, books, and research ideas. An article I really found interesting over on Book Riot talked about how the New Hunger Games Novel helped the author realize how she's almost aged out of some of YA tropes - something I intensely agree and feel.... Continue Reading →

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