It’s Finally Flower Time: First blooms!

I started this blog on the tail end of summer last year with hopes that I could keep up and talk about my gardening efforts. It got cold and didn’t get to continue doing that of course but everything is coming up now! We have life outside! I’m so excited to show off some of first blooms, you guys just don’t understand.
Hopefully next week I can talk about some of my plans for the rest of the summer and by the end of it we’ll see if I accomplished those goals! But, onward! To the pictures of flowers I planted and didn’t kill!


I included the full picture of my creeping phlox because I just love it. The second and last are two of my Instagram layouts (instead of cramming a bunch of full sized photos in here) of my irises, phlox, and my first rose bloom of the year! I also have some Peony blooms coming in – which is SUPER exciting because it’s been two years since I planted those! *squeeee*
TN is the Iris State and with good reason! I have that lovely purple one from up there and another beautiful white one coming in! I’d say by tomorrow I’ll have a dark purple one blooming as well. Keep tabs on my Instagram to see anything new, I try and post a flower every day or so. Just you wait till my day lilies come in. Ohhhh boy! I’m so freaking pumped!



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