It’s Finally Flower Time: First blooms!

I started this blog on the tail end of summer last year with hopes that I could keep up and talk about my gardening efforts. It got cold and didn't get to continue doing that of course but everything is coming up now! We have life outside! I'm so excited to show off some of... Continue Reading →

March Favorites

I'm not even going to complain about how fast March went because honestly I keep forgetting it's April now. Ugh. ♥Book♥ I can’t decide on this one. I loved Tremere and The Wolf in the Attic. Of the two I’d recommend The Wolf in the Attic because it’s simply more accessible (when it releases). Tremere however... Continue Reading →

This year’s Day Lilies

My front garden is predominantly day lilies. Thanks the region I live in and my mom and grandmother I have the perfect resources for these beauties. My mom's family has as far back as I know has grown day lilies and other bright blooms. Most of my own lilies are from my mom and grandmother,... Continue Reading →

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