This year’s Day Lilies

My front garden is predominantly day lilies. Thanks the region I live in and my mom and grandmother I have the perfect resources for these beauties. My mom’s family has as far back as I know has grown day lilies and other bright blooms. Most of my own lilies are from my mom and grandmother, or purchased from the little lily farm about an hour out from me.
The lily farm is one of my favorite places to go during the summer. Run by a older man and woman it’s just the side of their house with several large beds they’ve organized and they breed and grow the blooms in. It’s like walking into a bookstore for me, but better. The sensory overload of all the colors and options makes me giddy. Their prices range from 3 to 20 and if you’re lucky you’ll get freebies when you purchase so many.
My mom and I just recently visited and between what I bought, what my mom got for me and the free blooms they gave us I came home with almost 10 new varieties. This was after my mom had gone the previous week and gotten me 5 others! So I decided to set up a bed down the right side of my driveway.
Previously that site was nothing but grass (This picture is from the winter but as you can see. Grassy!)

I decided I wanted something long and thin. Most of that expanse is the lot next door that we don’t own, but there is enough empty grassy area of ours to bug me. So, I set to work in the stupid heat two weeks ago on my birthday. I finished Monday, putting in the last of my lillies, Desperado Love.

My angel, in the back there, has one wing. As I’m operating on a budget I lucked into the angel from my mom. She was going to throw her out, but despite her handicap I took her home! Tucked against the tree it’s not too obvious and for that I’m pleased.
Besides the peony and rose at the top of the bed it’s day lilies down to my angel who is looking over two different Flox plants.
Here are some close ups of my lilies!

Latin Lover
Cinnamon Yazoo Twist
Desperado Love

And another couple shots of the beds

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