Series Complete : Georgina Kincaid!


The Georgina Kincaid Books by Richelle Mead

Overall Rating : 4.3

  These were great! Here are a few quick thoughts I had overall for the whole series, nothing too in depth because I don’t want to spoil anything.

  • Georgina is a confident, strong woman. She has her flaws but her strong points. I just really loved her.
  • The romantic interest in this is adorable. He’s sweet and kind and an overall good person. I’m really happy about that as the bad boy thing can get a little tiring in Urban books.
  • No but really. He is.
  • The characters go through the whole gambit of emotions, have some great development,  and though they have their moments where I was like ‘Wtf guys?’ it wasn’t too much and didn’t bother me enough for me to even remember them.
  • So in other words. Character development was excellent. A++
  • I don’t think any of the books but the second to end suffered from middle book syndrome. So, good going Richelle Mead.
  • For a book series about a succubus and being a ‘paranormal’ romance There were surprisingly few sex scenes. I think one book at three, the others had one or two. I don’t care for sex scenes, just personal taste, but these weren’t bad. So again, well done!
  • And finally I really enjoyed the world and the way things worked within it. The ultimate message was something I can really get behind and I will forever love it for that.

I have a lot of feelings but here are just some bullets of my reasons for loving it. I highly recommend it.

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