March Favorites

I’m not even going to complain about how fast March went because honestly I keep forgetting it’s April now. Ugh.


WolfinAtticI can’t decide on this one. I loved Tremere and The Wolf in the Attic. Of the two I’d recommend The Wolf in the Attic because it’s simply more Tremereaccessible (when it releases). Tremere however is amazing if you’re familiar with the World of Darkness and are reading through the Clan Novels. This cracks me up as the one Tremere that was in our group did not get along with my Nosferatu. I spent every session just calling him ‘twiddly fingers’. Either way, both books are amazing, if you can check them out.


I haven’t been listening lately to any specific artists. Instead I’ve been using my Amazon Music subscription that’s built into my Prime. I’ve really been digging the Fall Out Boy station which plays similar songs and artists. The kicker for this, the reason I like it so much, is that you can ‘Like’ or ‘Unlike’ songs. It makes the channel sort of customizable. It’s no longer so FoB themed as it is FoB meets ska themed. It’s a blast, I highly recommend checking out the Amazon Music if you have a Prime account.



I’m playing World of Warcraft guys. I ain’t got time for other games. I may try and cook up a few Warcraft Weekends to sum up what I’ve been into on there.
BUT. BUT. Let me tell you some shit.
I started my Legendary axe quest for Shadowmourne (see above)  on my DK. In one week I got my Saronite, got both my Acidic Blood drops, and did all three Infusions. What took my husband 5 weeks I did in one run. It tickles the shit out of me.


This is the whole reason for this post, I shit you not. You need to find the Mango Tango salsa from Newman’s Own and these sweet potato chips. OMNOMNOM. We’ve gone through three jars of this salsa. Even being piss ass poor as we are, we’ve bought three jars of this stuff. So delicious… uuughhh… I can’t help drooling when I think about it. So sweet and yummy.


zootopiaWe didn’t see a lot of movies this month. I enjoyed Zootopia but the hype off it got ruined by the Strep-Throat-From-Hell I got from sitting in that crowded theatre of kids. I also went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 with my sister the past weekend. That one was… not terrible but not great. Since I haven’t watched any TV either I guess we’ll go with Zootopia? It was cute and fun but not the best animated movie I’ve seen. That Shakira song was awesome though, I did love that.


     It’s spring and all the flowers are coming up! It’s been a treat for me every day to go outside and see my lilies and irises with a few more inches on them. I am just so excited about it. My mom garden, so much bigger than mine, has some spring flowers popping up and blooming. A few of those gems that I posted to my Instagram I’ll put down below. This is one of my new favorite times of the year. I didn’t notice as much last year as I didn’t have as many flowers but I’m sure noticing it this year! I’m so pumped!

     Also I’m getting back into the groove of my cross stitching. I took a break for a bit because the big project I was working on exhausted me but I’m back at it.

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