BiWeekly Wrap-up – July 18th 2017

I’m going to try and be brief about these books. I didn’t do a wrap-up last week as things were hectic and I was being an adult and driving in and out of town. To be honest some of the books I read last week are a bit fuzzy, so those for sure will be short. Two of them as well are review books that you should see full length reviews on shortly! As always there is a video, link to the channel is on the sidebar, if you’d rather listen to me stumble around than read it. Continue reading

Birthday Book Haul Part 1 : Non-Fiction

So I’ve not been pulling in a lot of books lately, at least all at once or in large amounts that warrant an overall haul. However it was my birthday last weekend so all I asked for books! And boy did my family (mainly my husband) deliver! This is the first part, the non-fiction books. As usual a video will be up on Youtube if you want to listen as opposed to read.  Continue reading

Library TBR (of shame)

    I’ll freely admit I have a problem with the library. I love it may be a bit too much, and it enables me to get my grubby little hands on books that I would otherwise have to buy. Who doesn’t love a library? Though mine is definitely lacking on the Fantasy/Sci-fi front they do a great job of stocking non-fiction (which I’m terrified of buying for myself) and almost everything else. So that means I’m almost constantly at max for my checkout limit (bad Sarah). So I thought today I’d look at the books I have checked out of the library! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up 5.31.17

    Reading the past week has dropped off, either due to spending time with my husband who has been home all week as opposed to out at the gym or just things broken and having to fix them. I do believe I have only two things to actually touch base on as the fourth will be part of a series wrap-up so let’s get straight in. As always if you’d rather listen I have a video up online. Continue reading