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#SHReads 17 – TBR for the month!

At this point even I'm like 'Wtf, how many readathons and goals and tbrs can I make in a month?'. But you know what? ONWARD WITH THE FOOLISHNESS! But for real, this readathon is one I've been really excited about for months, since Winx mentioned it. I had intended to purchase quite a few books… Continue reading #SHReads 17 – TBR for the month!

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November Reading Wrap up!

I did alright this past month! Not the best, all things considered, but I did get a lot of good books in. I also didn’t manage to shake the need for spooky books – so just heads up. I was clearly looking for horror that could be beaten when faced with what felt like unbeatable… Continue reading November Reading Wrap up!

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Short Fiction Roundup!

   November has been a shitty month. October was the busiest month of the year for us. If my husband I weren’t at work we at the doctor office, or with family who were in the doctor’s office, or taking care of bank paperwork… etc. I’m surprised our cats still know who we are. November… Continue reading Short Fiction Roundup!

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Own Voices October TBR!

    Own Voices October is a readathon hosted by two lovely ladies on Booktube, Katie and Mel. The month is a celebration of reading Own Voices literature, which is something I am trying to get more of in my own reading. I'm not great at explaining things but Own Voices is a movement to… Continue reading Own Voices October TBR!

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Spookathon TBR!

     There are a couple themed readathons happening in October I am interested in doing. Spookathon is the first of these. Run by three lovely ladies over on Youtube it has really broad requirements and so it’s going to hopefully be an easy one to do. The idea is to read spooky or thriller… Continue reading Spookathon TBR!

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Book Bath Box – Summer 2016 (video)

So with my wrist having it's good and it's super bad days I will probably be bouncing between formats for reviews and hauls and such. The first of these is a Book Bath Box video I made! Yay, look at me all awkward and fresh to the Youtubes. That was fun to film but oh… Continue reading Book Bath Box – Summer 2016 (video)