May Wrap-up Part 2

  • First Comes Scandal by Julia Quin was my first read and honestly I found it… lukewarm? I can barely remember anything about it and I certainly couldn’t tell you much more than the summary will give you. So I suppose if you’re a fan of the series you could pick it up just for some context, but otherwise I might recommend skimming past this one.
  • I followed it up with Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas which was sadly another lackluster read for me. I was actually really excited about this one as well because it features a male character that you’ve met in previous books that I really liked. He unfortunately lost a lot of the personality I thought he had in previous entries and became another rather bland male lead. Sad day.
  • Tired of bummers in my usual genres I borrowed a book from my Dad just on a whim to see what it is he reads. Off the Grid by C.J. Box was very different. I enjoyed it more than I thought but I do think that his politics came in pretty strong there after the half-way mark. It was almost comical how over the top it became. Looking at reviews for the book a lot of readers noticed this, even his long time readers and were disappointed by it. I might try some of his earlier books because my Dad enjoys him so much, but it was an interesting journey out of my normal reads.
  • Next up was This Fallen Prey by Kelley Armstrong – this is another installment in this particular series so I won’t go into it, but this was very good.
  • I tried Over the Top by Jonathon Van Ness just on a whim – occasionally I love a good celebrity memoir. This one was exactly what I wanted. It was light, sweet, empowering, but also didn’t hide the flaws and cracks in it’s subject. Fans of Queer Eye should give this one a read.
  • The last romance I picked up was Say Yes to the Duke by Eloisa James. This one was fun, but by the end I was super frustrated. There was absolutely no main line conflict which meant that the drama that unfolds with the Vicar and the play while the main character and duke are messing around made for a very uncomfortable juxtaposition.
  • Finally I finished Queen Victory: Twenty-four Hours that Changed her Life by Lucy Worsley. For someone new to the topic I felt like this was super well done. Not only did I pick up a lot of new information but I learned a lot of differing opinions on things even I heard in other novels or passing in other non-fiction. I’m very interested to pick up some more of Lucy Worsley’s work even if it’s not on Victoria as I found her style overall very engaging.

That’s it for May! A longer wrap up than normal for a second half but I was really trying to find some sort of light Romance to get my spirits up and I really didn’t succeed. In fact I haven’t managed to get into another historical romance since, but that’s for June’s wrap-up. Maybe it’ll change by then!

Because this is still important I want to make sure this is visible again. Links and resources for Black Lives Matter for those that need them.

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