BlackLivesMatter Resources

So I firmly don’t believe my voice should be used to silence any voices that really matter in this topic. I’m also not very eloquent, many others are much better at this. As someone said online allies should be shields not swords. So we’ll just go ahead and make clear – this blog and writer supports the Black Lives Matter movement. I wanted to provide a post of links to resources for others to explore. See below for that.

Links for places to make donations or find more information:

Book Lists for those that want to read and educate themselves (also known as place I can keep a bunch of lists for my own references):

There are hundreds, thousands of beautiful videos and posts and essays out there. Honestly I’ve been trying to be better, to educate, and be aware. It’s hard with a newborn and working full time and I want to do better. So I’ll be trying harder. Please be better and do what you can if you can. Listen to those voices and those people.

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