April Wrap-up Part 1

    April has not been a very successful month (for me) as far as reading goes. There is unfortunately a lot going on right now and I ran into a couple of road blocks along the way that really threw me off. But this sort of thing happens, and we just keep moving.

  So far the only things I’ve read that I plan on doing a devoted post to are the new Darth Vader and Star Wars comics. These aren’t finished yet, so those will be coming in the future. If you’re at all interested in those I HIGHLY recommend them so far, they’re excellent. 


   The other books I’ve read so far that I have some thoughts on but not enough for a whole post:


  • Undercover Bromance was a mess of pissing me off and keeping me interested. I really struggled with the premise of this one, where the main character witnesses someone being sexually harassed (implied assault) and she doesn’t understand why in her quest for vengeance/revenge those same women won’t take action with her. As someone who has been on the opposite side of the table as the main character, I really didn’t get on with her. Our main male lead was enjoyable enough. I liked him – but Liv just spent about all of the book making me grit my teeth.
  • I picked up the short story After-Swarm by Benjanun Sriduangkaew. I know there is a bit of a past with the author on these, so I won’t give it too much attention since I don’t want to get involved with all that. I’ll say I really enjoy the writing style though I know for some people it might be heavy and a bit too much. The story was short enough that the style made it feel punchy rather than heavy handed and grim.
  • I finally finished my reread of The Vagina Bible by Jennifer Gunter! This is basically a collection of chapters on different topics related to vaginas and how their health ties into overall women’s health. If you have one I highly recommend picking this up, even if it’s just to reference and not to read in one go like I did.
  • Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne was… something. I started off the novel excited about a first person PoV from Luke’s perspective. Unfortunately it ended up feeling juvenile and tedious. The story dragged, and while I see what Kevin Hearne was trying to do (Luke is a young kid over the course of the movies after all) it just made it painful to read. I also do not know how to feel about the relationship in this one, it felt very strange and awkward and entirely unnecessary. I just did not enjoy this as much as I hoped, since I have read and enjoyed other Kevin Hearne books.




  • Finally for this wrap-up I picked up Silver Silence by Nalini Singh. I dropped off the bandwagon on reading these a few years ago and it’s a shame. I had forgotten how much I love this setup. It is a very science-fiction structured world with a really good meta-plot and each story features a relationship within that. This is by far one of my favorite romance series. This one in particular was good but not the best one I’ve read. I loved the idea of the bear shifters, and I really want to see more of them. I personally think you can jump in anywhere but it might be wise to start at the beginning to get at least an idea of what’s happening. 

    It was a weird start to the month, let me tell you. With everything happening though, I am kind of not surprised. I internalized a lot of the world events and I think it was reflected unfortunately in my reading. That is okay though, everyone handles things differently! I hope everyone else is handling things okay!

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