Thoughts: The Witch King by Martha Wells

Source: Netgalley - Thank you so much to the publisher! TL;DR: An absolutely fantastic epic fantasy about two journeys, one to save a family and one to save a world. Plot: The plot is my only complaint - it's a dual timeline plot line. One is to save a found family member, the other in... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: An Island Princess Starts a Scandal by Adrianna Herrera

Source: NetGalley - Many thanks to the publisher!TL;DR: A very fascinating art and history focused sapphic romance Plot:Characters:Setting:Spice/Romance Level: Thoughts: An Island Princess Starts a Scandal is yet another fantastic entry into my list of ‘sapphic historical romances’ I can happily recommend. Manuela, invited to show her paintings at an exhibition in Paris, arrives for... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: The Warden by Daniel M. Ford

Source: NetGalley - Many, many thanks to the publisher!TL;DR: Cozy and fun - A big recommendation from me! Plot: The plot of this has a slow, cozy start then takes us for a fun adventure that never quite looses that cozy feelingCharacters: Fun and endearing, I really loved the two main characters of Tun and... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: The Scarlet Circus by Jane Yolen

Source: Netgalley - Thank you to the publisher!!TL;DR: A short collection of shorts all around the idea of love that feel very much fairy tale like and classic in style. Plot: Each story is incredibly short with traditional almost fairy tale plots - save the village from the dragon, the princess, etc.Characters: I sadly won't... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: Dead Country by Max Gladstone

Source: NetGalley & the Publisher - Thank you!TL;DR: An incredibly intense but beautifully written first book in a new series with some old favorite characters - Cannot recommend it enough! Plot: What feels like an easy plot becomes more complicated till it ties into our characters past in some ingenious ways.Characters: Very flawed, very interesting... Continue Reading →

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