Own Voices October TBR!

    Own Voices October is a readathon hosted by two lovely ladies on Booktube, Katie and Mel. The month is a celebration of reading Own Voices literature, which is something I am trying to get more of in my own reading. I'm not great at explaining things but Own Voices is a movement to... Continue Reading →

Spookathon TBR!

     There are a couple themed readathons happening in October I am interested in doing. Spookathon is the first of these. Run by three lovely ladies over on Youtube it has really broad requirements and so it’s going to hopefully be an easy one to do. The idea is to read spooky or thriller... Continue Reading →

June 2016 Wrapup

June was a slow month for blogging and reading. It was super busy overall in everything else. Work was busy and life was busy. I also found out what is wrong with my wrist/thumb, it's called De Quervain's Syndrome and it makes it incredibly hard to type on bad days. I've also had to learn... Continue Reading →

May Wrap-up!

So in May I did pretty good! I read 19 books (including two DNFs), which isn't too shaby. I'll link any reviews I did of anything that was a new release into the book's title. So just general fun stuff. With the 16 completed books I read 4985 words. I DNF'd Endless Night by Catherine Addison and Captive Prince by C.S.... Continue Reading →

May 2016 Favorites!

♥Book♥ Sleeping Giants! WEEEE!! So amazing. I don't need to gush too much about it, I have a review coming up that you should go read if you're interested but it's definitely up there as my favorite book this month. The clever storytelling, the subtle but incredible character growth of our narrator, I could go... Continue Reading →

June Library TBR

I'm really bad at TBRs. Real bad guys. So bad. BUT I've discovered I'm much better at reading a TBR if I have to actually get rid of the book. So for the past two months I've been doing library trips to test this. It works. I had to hang overs from last month - The... Continue Reading →

Mini-Reviews: Volume 16

More mostly original reviews! Hoorah! And overall some great ones too! Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho ☆☆☆☆       Jane Austen meets Fairies and Magic. Who would have thought that'd work so well?       I really enjoyed this more than I anticipated, in fact it took a about 50 pages... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Wednesday 5/11/2016

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spines. I wasn't originally feeling any hype for the new Joe Hill book below but lately the more it's just floated by on my Goodreads feed and on my recommended lists the more I've become interested. It's slowly climbed it's way up my list of anticipated novels.... Continue Reading →

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