Mini-Reviews: Volume 16

More mostly original reviews! Hoorah! And overall some great ones too!

sorcerer_front mech.inddSorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

      Jane Austen meets Fairies and Magic. Who would have thought that’d work so well?
      I really enjoyed this more than I anticipated, in fact it took a about 50 pages before I got into it, and about 150 before I realized I was getting pissy at interruptions because I needed to know what was happening. I got really pulled into it in slow and very sneaky way. 
      I loved our characters, our diversity (the way this affected the story worked so good for me, gah, thank you), and the simple way it switched from politics and court intrigue to the absurd (giant mermaids destroying London? huge dragons swooping in and out? flying clouds?). The balance was really well done and the whole thing pulled itself off marvelously. I’m excited to see what the next installments will be!

Blue Blazes.jpgThe Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig


There is something very unique about Chuck’s writing style. It’s very raw and unapologetic in its reality. There isn’t any mincing of words, and he doesn’t filter his characters at all. My husband and I read this one at the same time for our Book Club and he loved it. Our favorite line, to give you an idea about this one is:

He’s built like a brick shithouse made of a hundred smaller brick shithouses.’

Mookie is a mob enforcer in a twisted New York. It’s home to the normal humans and the others, the demons and creatures released from the down below. These creatures use a glamour to hide themselves but a drug known as The Blue Blazes gives you the ability to see them (along with some very obvious drug like side effects). The book is a rollicking ride through the under belly of this New York and over its streets as Mookie tries to save his own life and his daughter’s. I really recommend this one, I can’t say how much I really enjoyed this. The first person, present tense writing style really helped this a lot. Definitely pick this up.

honorgirl.jpgHonor Girl by Maggie Thrash

This was a very honest and emotional read, but left me unsatisfied at the end. I wanted more information on what happened to Maggie at the end. Where she went and how she adapted and got over the events of those two years. But it cut off quite abruptly, almost as if it was in the middle of a scene. I had to look it up to be sure my library copy hadn’t been vandalized or something. It’s definitely worth reading, but it does not have a happy ending, or a very clear one.

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