Spookathon TBR!

     There are a couple themed readathons happening in October I am interested in doing. Spookathon is the first of these. Run by three lovely ladies over on Youtube it has really ghostsbroad requirements and so it’s going to hopefully be an easy one to do. The idea is to read spooky or thriller style books throughout the month of October. It’s enough of a nice twist on the ‘read horror books in October’ idea that it hooked me. It’s also right in theme with a lot of what I am currently reading anyway! I’ll be doing this one in conjunction with Own Voices – I’m going to try and find some good Own Voices thrillers and mysteries that will fit the Spookathon. Currently I believe there is just the one challenge ‘Read a Thriller’ with several possible future ones to come! So tentatively I’ve got a few things I might choice from:

       These are just a random assortment of thrillers, spooky books, or mysteries that I have available right now. I’ve adopted a ‘make a outbig list that way you can read at least one or two and say you succeeded’ rule of thumb with my TBRs since I’m so notoriously bad for them. I’ll most definitely be changing this around, adding more Own Voices novels, and
picking up more books/putting a few down, but there are a few on here I definitely want to get to! If more challenges are announced I’ll update this to meet those, and soon I’ll have up my Own Voices TBR as well!

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