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Bout of Books 24 TBR!

So Bout of Books is happening again this next week and I figured, why not! I have a few books left on my 'recently acquired' list I want to read and I can certainly pick out a few books on my shelf. I don't know that I'll have time or be able to do the… Continue reading Bout of Books 24 TBR!

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#TheReadingQuest TBR

So I decided, since it was adorable, to give this Reading Quest Readathon a go! It's being hosted by Read At Midnight and lasts a full month (or close to it). It runs from August 13th (tomorrow because I'm terrible at heads up on this stuff) to September 10th. I'm not going to go into the… Continue reading #TheReadingQuest TBR

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Booktubeathon Wrap-up!

So as far as meeting challenges and 'winning' at Booktubeathon, I did not make it. However I got a lot of reading done! I'm actually really happy with how much I got done and just the content overall. I didn't meet all the reading challenges but I'm alright with that. As always on these you… Continue reading Booktubeathon Wrap-up!

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Bout of Books! Day Four & Five (a little late!)

This week has been rough on my left hand, which I believe I mentioned before, but I have been having serious problems with. So I took yesterday off to rest it and recoup a little. I'm back today though!  As far as progress I've actually nearly burned through my TBR. Because my hand has been… Continue reading Bout of Books! Day Four & Five (a little late!)