The O.W.L.s Magical Readathon TBR

This is ridiculous, I’m going to open with that. I hate TBRs and I’m terrible at them. Yet I want to try. I want to ‘take’ the NEWTS later this year and I want to… pass? and have a magical career – at least in my head.

I think quarantine has broken me.

I’m not going to explain this readathon – I’ll  link it below:

So if you’re familiar (or not) here is my plan. I found 4 careers I’m interested. Of the four two of them are rather hefty so I’m just honestly going to go for as many reads as I can that meet the criteria and see where I land. My top two choices Care of Magical Children, and Hogwarts Professor require the most classes. My second two choices are Magizoologist and Librarian. 

What I’ve done is just picked a book for each prompt, and I’m also going to look at the extra credit seminars as well. I usually read quite a bit in a month and I’m hoping to get back into the swing of that so I’m using this as an excuse to be obnoxious about it. Here are the prompts with my approximate choices.




So that’s it, we’ll see what happens? Fingers crossed!


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