#TheReadingQuest TBR

So I decided, since it was adorable, to give this Reading Quest Readathon a go! It’s being hosted by Read At Midnight and lasts a full month (or close to it). It runs from August 13th (tomorrow because I’m terrible at heads up on this stuff) to September 10th. I’m not going to go into the rules – they are all available in that link right up there. But read on to see what class I picked and what my initial five books are!
As usual there will be a TBR video up on my channel in a day or two to watch as well!
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Spookathon TBR!

     There are a couple themed readathons happening in October I am interested in doing. Spookathon is the first of these. Run by three lovely ladies over on Youtube it has really ghostsbroad requirements and so it’s going to hopefully be an easy one to do. The idea is to read spooky or thriller style books throughout the month of October. It’s enough of a nice twist on the ‘read horror books in October’ idea that it hooked me. It’s also right in theme with a lot of what I am currently reading anyway! I’ll be doing this one in conjunction with Own Voices – I’m going to try and find some good Own Voices thrillers and mysteries that will fit the Spookathon. Currently I believe there is just the one challenge ‘Read a Thriller’ with several possible future ones to come! So tentatively I’ve got a few things I might choice from:

       These are just a random assortment of thrillers, spooky books, or mysteries that I have available right now. I’ve adopted a ‘make a outbig list that way you can read at least one or two and say you succeeded’ rule of thumb with my TBRs since I’m so notoriously bad for them. I’ll most definitely be changing this around, adding more Own Voices novels, and
picking up more books/putting a few down, but there are a few on here I definitely want to get to! If more challenges are announced I’ll update this to meet those, and soon I’ll have up my Own Voices TBR as well!

DiverseAThon! TBR and Recommendations


    I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain why diversity is important, but here we are. People are still making disgusting videos and posts fighting against diversity and representation. It almost makes my brain short circuit, I simply do not understand the want to read the same characters over and over in the same stories. I can’t understand not want to represent everyone. This world is a quilt of cultures and colors and beliefs, how can we NOT look for that in our books and media? There are untold multitudes of Diversity, I would love to see more if it reflected in literature – YA, Adult, SFF, etc.  I struggle myself finding my own sexuality represented, to me that’s a small part of me – but the fact that people out there can’t find their race or their culture, that’s the heart breaking part. I’m not going to link to anything that doesn’t support Diversity in this post, especially not the highly offensive video that triggered the DiverseAThon’s creation (check out the announcement video from Joce with links to all creators). Just take my word, it’s out there. You can find plenty of transcripts of the video (I wouldn’t recommend watching it to give it the supporting views) or posts with summaries of things said.
This post is to celebrate Diversity – I want to see more of it, and I’m purposely seeking it out this week (have been and will continue to do so) for the #DiverseAThon. Some amazing Booktubers created this readathon in response to the above mentioned video. I’ve been cooking up a TBR for it and as this is the first day I thought it’d be appropriate to share that as well as some recommendations. In fact, I’m going to skim through everything in my house/on my Kindle and just list anything and everything I can find with diversity in it.
I’m looking a Diversity in a very wide lens. I’m looking for Persons of Color, Gender Diversity, Cultural Diversity, Mental Health/Physical Diversity, Learning Diversity, Religious Diversity,  etc. I’m also looking at author and/or story for sources of these. I
grayflaghave an especially keen interest in anything that might possibly have individuals of the Asexual Spectrum (#pride), and anything with learning disorders. I unfortunately only have one read on this list that hits the Ace Spectrum (that I know of) but if anyone has more please send them my way. That’s where I sit (as a Demi/Gray leaning into full Ace) and I would LOVE to see more of that. I also only have one book representing my own personal learning disorder (Dyscalculia) – I may have representation of others. Again, please bring on the recommendations.
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2015 #Cramathon TBR

So I thought I’d get in the spirit of things and give this Cramathon a go again. Last time I did one of these I didn’t do well and wound up distracted by life. Hopefully this time it’ll be easier and more toned down – due to the holidays, and I’ll have the time to read!
The Cramathon takes place from December 19th (12 AM) to December 22nd (12 AM). There are 7 challenges this time, some of which I’m not sure I’ll complete but I am going to try.


Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Demigod Files and The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan – Finish a series
Monsters by Emerald Fennell – Read five books
The Business of Death by Trent Jameson
– Read a bind-up
New Spring (Graphic Novel) by Robert Jordan
– A graphic novel (catch up)
The Builders by Daniel Polansky
– A book under 200 pages / Read an ebook
Clockwork Crown by Beth Cato
 – A book previously DNF’d

Fingers crossed! I switch The Demigod Diaries out for another book, I haven’t quite settled on that one, but I tried to go with books I’d be able to read through pretty quickly. The only one I’m worried about is the bind-up, but the text is large so it shouldn’t be to bad.
Anyone else doing this?