May 2016 Favorites!


sleepinggiants (1)

Sleeping Giants! WEEEE!! So amazing. I don’t need to gush too much about it, I have a review coming up that you should go read if you’re interested but it’s definitely up there as my favorite book this month. The clever storytelling, the subtle but incredible character growth of our narrator, I could go on and on. Read this!


No changes on the music front for me. Still digging Taylor Swift and still hooked on Pentatonix. I did, like two days ago, rediscover Kimbra and her music. I really like her older stuff, and I think it’s worth looking into!


I’ve not played much outside of piddling around on World of Warcraft but I’ve been pretty heavily invested in watching Hubby play through Dark Souls 3. That’s a hell of a game guys. The first game way back in the day made Hubby rage quit. So I’m pretty shocked he’s loving this one so much but he really is. He spends his free time watching videos about it if he’s not playing it, it’s pretty fantastic.


My mum and I are making jams and jellies this month! We made two runs of Strawberry (one jam and one jelly) and we experimented last week and made Mango Raspberry jam. It’s pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. So good, so, so good.



Hubby and I are watching Houdini and Doyle which I’m going to be honest may not be the best written TV show, but damn it’s fun. I love the interaction between Doyle and Houdini. The two were close friends in real life and I like to think the two got along a lot like they do here. Houdini is a huge dick, but I think he means well? Maybe? I adore Doyle and his smart but kind personality and Adelaide (based on a real person!) is pretty damn stellar too. I’m itching to see the next episode and what her *secret* is.



Can I favorite a medical item? My wrist splint?
I’m just kidding (sort of). I don’t have much for this, but I will say I’ve been loving Litsy! I’m on there as Sarrie. I try to post as much as I can but I’m using Hubby’s work phone till it comes to Android and his camera works about 30% of the time. When it does work I try to take a bunch of pics at once. Definitely look me up if you’re on there!


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