Thoughts: Ship Wrecked by Olivia Dade

Source: NetGalley! Many Thanks to the publisher!TL;DR: A very enjoyable ending to the series. Sweet and wholesome. Thoughts: Ship Wrecked by Olivia Dade is, what seems to be, the final book in a trilogy that follows a cast from an ‘epic fantasy tv show’ that’s totally not Game of Thrones. Ship Wrecked follows Maria and Peter over... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on The Ghost Line by Andrew Neil Gray & J.S. Herbison

The Ghost Line by Andrew Neil Gray & J.S. Herbison Recommended! Published by Publication Date : July 10th, 2017 Available as eBook & paperback – 73 Pages Source : NetGalley (Thank you!) Get Your Own Copy : Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo The Ghost Line starts off reading a lot like every other... Continue Reading →

Intimidating TBR Tag

Intimidating TBR I thought I’d do a tag! I saw this one over on Winx’s channel and really liked it. It’s been around for a while so I’ve seen it a lot of places, and it’s simple but I love talking about books I have on my shelves so I thought it was about time... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Review: The Devourers by Indra Das

The Devourers by Indra Das ☆☆☆ Published by Del Rey Publication Date : July 12th, 2016 Available as eBook & Hardback - 306 Pages Source : NetGalley - Thank you! For readers of Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, China Mieville, and David Mitchell comes a striking debut novel by a storyteller of keen insight and captivating imagination.... Continue Reading →

May 2016 Favorites!

♥Book♥ Sleeping Giants! WEEEE!! So amazing. I don't need to gush too much about it, I have a review coming up that you should go read if you're interested but it's definitely up there as my favorite book this month. The clever storytelling, the subtle but incredible character growth of our narrator, I could go... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Review : Asteroid Made of Dragons by G. Derek Williams

Asteroid Made of Dragons by G. Derek Williams ☆☆☆ Published by Sword & Laser Expected Publication Date : April 5th, 2016 Available as Paperback & eBook - 260 Pages Source : NetGalley, Thank you! Official Sword & Laser Selection! When a lone goblin researcher stumbles across an artifact containing a terrifying message—that the world is in grave and immediate peril—she scrambles... Continue Reading →

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