Book Bath Box – Summer 2016 (video)

So with my wrist having it’s good and it’s super bad days I will probably be bouncing between formats for reviews and hauls and such. The first of these is a Book Bath Box video I made! Yay, look at me all awkward and fresh to the Youtubes.

That was fun to film but oh man – guys. Windows Movie Maker is the pits. Sarlacc pits style pit.

But final thoughts. The box was great – I loved it. I’m super pumped about the book and I actually plan on using more of the items tomorrow. The tea was delicious!
Here are the linky links for those of you who would rather NOT watch me be all awkward and stuffs:
Winx & Ink :
Book Bath Box :

And now I’m off to try and play WoW. Slowly and carefully. Can’t be letting a wrist injury keep me from my games
I have a problem.

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