Camp Nanowrimo: Week Two Complete!


This is a little more than a week. This past maybe week and a half has been pretty busy. Down time I’ve had, if I haven’t done word count, has gone there. Otherwise I try really hard to veg out in Azeroth, let’s get real. It’s been stressful. But! I have done well! I believe I mentioned previously my goal was 25k words. I’ve got just over 20k without doing my word count today! Woot!

I’ve had a few ‘off’ days. Days when it’s been way too much to write, like 4 17Nanothe day I got my new tattoo lined. There was just no way I was going to go to work and then go out with the in-laws and then sit for two hours and somehow found time to do word count. Just no.
And that’s okay. It’s something I’ve gotten used to, and gotten used to taking a break and keeping up the count. It’s easy to miss a day (for me) and get down in the pits about being behind. This year I started off really strong and I keep that going, when I can with bigger days. Even if I was behind I think I’d be okay with this. I need to conquer writing – which means not letting it wear me down. I need to understand how I write and try and get my quirks down.

Ramble off. I’m doing good. I’m trying to keep my numbers up. At this point getting 10k over my initial goal is a possibility so we’ll see! Anyone else doing this crazy writing challenge?

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