March Favorites

I’m not even going to complain about how fast March went because honestly I keep forgetting it’s April now. Ugh.


WolfinAtticI can’t decide on this one. I loved Tremere and The Wolf in the Attic. Of the two I’d recommend The Wolf in the Attic because it’s simply more Tremereaccessible (when it releases). Tremere however is amazing if you’re familiar with the World of Darkness and are reading through the Clan Novels. This cracks me up as the one Tremere that was in our group did not get along with my Nosferatu. I spent every session just calling him ‘twiddly fingers’. Either way, both books are amazing, if you can check them out.


I haven’t been listening lately to any specific artists. Instead I’ve been using my Amazon Music subscription that’s built into my Prime. I’ve really been digging the Fall Out Boy station which plays similar songs and artists. The kicker for this, the reason I like it so much, is that you can ‘Like’ or ‘Unlike’ songs. It makes the channel sort of customizable. It’s no longer so FoB themed as it is FoB meets ska themed. It’s a blast, I highly recommend checking out the Amazon Music if you have a Prime account.



I’m playing World of Warcraft guys. I ain’t got time for other games. I may try and cook up a few Warcraft Weekends to sum up what I’ve been into on there.
BUT. BUT. Let me tell you some shit.
I started my Legendary axe quest for Shadowmourne (see above)  on my DK. In one week I got my Saronite, got both my Acidic Blood drops, and did all three Infusions. What took my husband 5 weeks I did in one run. It tickles the shit out of me.


This is the whole reason for this post, I shit you not. You need to find the Mango Tango salsa from Newman’s Own and these sweet potato chips. OMNOMNOM. We’ve gone through three jars of this salsa. Even being piss ass poor as we are, we’ve bought three jars of this stuff. So delicious… uuughhh… I can’t help drooling when I think about it. So sweet and yummy.


zootopiaWe didn’t see a lot of movies this month. I enjoyed Zootopia but the hype off it got ruined by the Strep-Throat-From-Hell I got from sitting in that crowded theatre of kids. I also went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 with my sister the past weekend. That one was… not terrible but not great. Since I haven’t watched any TV either I guess we’ll go with Zootopia? It was cute and fun but not the best animated movie I’ve seen. That Shakira song was awesome though, I did love that.


     It’s spring and all the flowers are coming up! It’s been a treat for me every day to go outside and see my lilies and irises with a few more inches on them. I am just so excited about it. My mom garden, so much bigger than mine, has some spring flowers popping up and blooming. A few of those gems that I posted to my Instagram I’ll put down below. This is one of my new favorite times of the year. I didn’t notice as much last year as I didn’t have as many flowers but I’m sure noticing it this year! I’m so pumped!

     Also I’m getting back into the groove of my cross stitching. I took a break for a bit because the big project I was working on exhausted me but I’m back at it.


Dracula: Book vs Movie

So. I hated this movie. I’m really sorry if anyone who loves it chances upon this. I’m not going to go into all the details of why I hated it. I’ll mostly touch on why it was a completely unfaithful adaptation, in my opinion, of the classic novel and why it failed. If you love the movie and have read the novel and feel they’re amazing companion pieces you should likely read something else.  Continue reading

Goosebumps The Movie and R.L. Stine’s It Came From Ohio

GoosebumpsMy husband has this thing about dolls, puppets, and clowns. I never really thought much about it till recently when we went to see the Goosebumps movie. Now it all makes sense. In all honesty as a kid I was never crazy about Goosebumps. I read a few here and there. What I did like was The Haunting Hour and Are You Afraid of the Dark. Those were my go to shows anytime I wanted some just on that side of ‘Wtf?’.
Hubby though, he loved all of that as a kid. The shows, the books, everything. So naturally as the large kid adult he is now he still loves it. Over the past year we’ve watched, on our lunch breaks, Are You Afraid of the Dark all the way through. We watched most of The Haunting Hour and even the Goosebumps TV show. When the movie was announced it was thrown on our ‘To Watch’ list and we did.
Criticism I’ve heard, most of it anyway, has been about Jack Black playing R.L. Stine. I’ll admit it had me scratching my head as well, but it worked for me. He amped up the sinister and could add that level of ‘goofy’ that only Jack Black does. I don’t know if you guys know this, but R.L. Stine is a hilarious man, it worked for me! My biggest complaint was the ‘cowardly best friend’ trope. I had a lot of trouble getting past that shrieking, screaming kid. I just don’t jive with those characters, they drive me insane. So during the first half of the movie any time that kid opened his mouth, I flinched. His acting was great – his character was terrible.
After checking out the movie, YALL Fest happened. At YALL Fest I saw R.L. Stine speak a few times, he’s funny and witty, and seems like a nice guy. I picked up his ItCamefromOhio Came From Ohio, the biography he put out a few months ago, and read that last night. The book is written for children but it was a fun look into the life and mind of a man that has terrified kids for ages.
The most interesting part to me about Mr. Stine is that he’s always been writing and can put out so much so fast. He stated at the Opening Keynote that he puts out two books a year now, on average. In his biography he says it takes him about three weeks to do a Goosebumps story, this includes edits. The man is a machine!
He makes being the outside kid, the class clown and maybe the ‘Nerdy’ kid to sound okay and glosses over times when his family had to cut back or move due to money issues. He does a great job of writing his life out and giving kids a sort of lesson on a good attitude in the process. I thought it was a great book, and would be good even for those adults who loved Goosebumps.
I would definitely recommend both of these if you’re looking for something light and interesting on the man who is the mastermind behind the terrors and nightmares of your childhood.


The Turn of The Screw: Novella vs Movie

So I recently finished the novella of The Turn of the Screw. My IRL book club chose Horror as our genre pick for this wpid-wp-1436966528200.jpegquarter. I enjoy horror from time to time but I have never actually sat down and read more than one or two horror books at a time. The idea of scaring someone through a written story though has always fascinated me, it’s a skill that I will probably never master. I love Stephen King’s early work (Salem’s Lot is still one of the scariest things I’ve ever read), creepy pasta, etc. So when we picked Horror I decided to try a little bit of everything Horror. A classic, a pop culture horror, short stories, YA horror, MG & children’s horror, etc.
TotS was my classic horror pick as its short and has creepy kids, something that gets me every time. I enjoyed it on a number of levels. I enjoyed the return to a classic style of prose and the classical world of the story. It was creepy but not overly scary and something different. It didn’t blow my mind but I had a good time with it. So I thought my husband, our roommate and I could watch one of the many adaptations. We like to watch the occasional scary movie as a group and then turn on all the lights in the house like children. I picked the BBC version. It was a poor choice.
image       The saying holds very true here: “The book was better than the movie”. I strongly disliked the movie. The acting and score were the best parts. I just did not enjoy the way it was written for screen. It took place in an entirely different era, the narrator’s situation outside the story was entirely different, characters I enjoyed and who had strong roles previously were rewritten, and the subtle Gothic themes that the story captured so well were almost nonexsistant for me.
I think my biggest problem was the unnecessary overtly sexual tones and themes inserted. Sex scenes for no reasons and a twist to the spirits that took their haunting from a ‘Creepy and weird obsession’ to a haunting that was very sexual in nature. Perhaps I missed that entirely from the novella, maybe I’m crazy, but I felt it was a weird and uncomfortable shift. The movie wasn’t spooky any more, it was awkward and uncomfortable.
I just simply did not like how it became a story of sexual corruption and abuse instead of a haunting. Maybe I missed something but I’m extremely dissatisfied.
Overall if you have read the story and enjoyed I do not recommend the BBC adaptation. If you enjoyed the BBC adaptation you may not like the story. Has anyone else read and seen them? If so let me know, am I crazy?