The Martian : Book vs Movie

As I’ve stated more than a few times, I adore The Martian. It’s one of my favorite books of the year and within my Top 3 of all time. So as someone who doesn’t usually care for book to movie adaptations I was anxious about the movie.

BringHimHomeThe trailers, first of all, made it appear that Mark had a family at home waiting on him. This was all due to clever cutting and editing and immediately made me rear my angry book snob head. The idea that he would be added a family made it seem as if the desire to live and survive for the sake of it, not because he had some great need to be home to someone other than himself, wasn’t good enough. That trailer however was just being a dick. Mark had no extra family, and he survived because H wanted to. So thanks for that
Another concern that did end up being a problem was whitewashing. A few characters that were PoC within the novel wound up becoming white. This was a sticking point for me, something that bothered me while on the same hand I did appreciate that they seemingly tried, incorporating most of our PoC The Martiancharacters. It was unfortunately very dominated by white actors though.
Most of my feelings on the movie were positive though! Naturally they trimmed and cut out a lot, but I could live with that. They also edited down the language a lot, an unfortunate result of meeting ratings. For a novel that is a great deal exposition they did a great job of conveying that and keeping that narration style without being cheesy or campy.
Would I recommend the movie if you loved the book? Absolutely.
Would I recommend the movie if you haven’t read the book? Absolutely.
Overall I really enjoyed the movie. It was a great film, a great adaptation that could have gone terribly. I, naturally, prefer the book but for those that want something visual or prefer the narration structure of film then this is definitely one to check out.

P.S. Sadly my two of my favorite lines didn’t make it. But the Iron man scene did, so I guess you win some/you loose some.

Bravo Good Sir, Bravo
Bravo Good Sir, Bravo

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