Camp NaNoWriMo – Week One Complete!


     So I figure since I do these two to three times a year (two camps and then full NaNoWriMo) I’ll start doing weekly wrap-ups to keep myself accountable. This one will cover last Thursday to this Saturday since the beginning of Camp was in a weird place.

     This month I have a few IRL friends actually participating in NaNo with me! Let’s call them Z and S, and I’m pretty stoked that we’re sharing a virtual Cabin on the site. It’s fun to be able to talk to someone about the writing and the steps along the way so that’s a huge plus.

      As far as progress, my original goal is 25,000 but I’m over half way there so I’ll definitely be bumping that way up. The more I do these writing events the better I get at them. They aren’t getting easier by any stretch of the imagination. There is always a new stress or a new reason to be freaking out about it, but I’m getting better at jumping those hurdles and putting out more content. Like my husband says, you just gotta keep fighting – it’s always gonna suck. He’s right and from all the authors I know and respect it’s true. It never gets easier, it’s if you really want it. Writers are the ones that keep going, so I’m going to keep going.


      This month’s work is the sequel to the manuscript I did last November. I was a little worried going in as I actually completely finished that manuscript. It’s in final revision before I start sending off to agents (further than I’ve gotten before) and I was kind of sick of working on it so I didn’t know if I’d enjoy diving back into it. But once I waded in and started fighting with it I took off. Again, it’s not easy, but hitting that stride and putting the pieces together is the best feeling. I can’t wait to keep going.

Onward to Week Two!

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