Ink! But of a Different Variety!

Soooo… I like tattoos. I don’t know if this is news to anyone here but I’m a big fan of them in general. I love art in general, it’s something that can bewitch me easily. So art on skin? That you keep with you forever? Hells yes. Please and thank you.
My Mom and I have always loved watching shows like Miami Ink and Ink Masters. I think for Mom it’s a want to try something new and wild (she’s a bit like me) but not being able to. My Dad is not a fan of tattoos, I’m not sure if it’s combination of a dislike of how they look or religious reasons but he’s never been a fan. Me and Mom though – we’re fans.
So, little ole me, being hooked on tattoo shows (but never brave enough to get one) ended up married a guy who’s dad used to be an tattoo artist. Totally not on purpose of course, but it was a happy coincidence. His parents are both covered in ink, mostly tribal or Indian in nature (both are members of the Cherokee Tribe) but covered.
Last year, for my birthday in June, they hooked me up with my first tattoo, and my matching tattoo with my husband. It’s been a downward spiral into ‘I want a new tattoo’ for months. I’ve gotten a total of three new. What I wanted to do was talk about them since tattoos are a big thing for me now and this blog is a healthy (or is supposed to be) mix of whatever I want it to be.

This is my most recent piece and by far the most painful. My mom’s name is Vivian which is a variation on one of the Lady of the Lake’s names. I’ve always associated the two together since Mom also gave me my love of Fantasy. There is a ruby in the hilt (I’ll be getting colors next month) for my Grandmother who’s name is Ruby. The flowers are day lilies and gladiolas.

These were my first and second. The first – the pixel hearts, is the matching tattoo to my husband. We wanted something geeky and matching but nothing obvious or (I hate to even say this) risky like our names or something. The second is my funny tat. Funny but serious. My whole life is marked, to me, by books and bookish events. What I read or meeting my husband in the bookstore. Things like that. This was also a really hard picture to take with one hand. It’s on my upper left arm, so I apologize for the shitty quality on that one.

So! There you go! A peek into my life and what I’m into. I’m getting color on my Lady of the Lake tattoo next month and the matching tattoo for my Dad on the other leg. It’s a shield, to go with my sword (I’m seriously the biggest dork in the world), because Dad’s name means ‘Defender’.
Who else has tattoos? Any awesome ones?

2 thoughts on “Ink! But of a Different Variety!

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  1. Hey Sarah! Omg I am so in love with all of these!! ^___^ The one of the Lady in the Lake for your mom and grandma is BEAUTIFUL both for the actual art and the meanings you have behind it. The pixel hearts are clearly awesome. And the dagger + roses + “Book Life” piece? Let’s just say I haven’t printed out a picture of it to hang on my wall so I can admire the awesomeness every day… yet… 😛 Seriously, though, thank you for sharing these! As you know, I love tattoos and especially nerdy and/or bookish ones. 🙂

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    1. Omg, thanks! I cannot wait to get more. My hubby’s Dad was a tattoo artist and he told me when we got the hearts I might catch ‘the bug’. I can’t stop! I’m constantly wanting more, hahaha! I can’t decide if I want to do more bookish ones or do my World of Warcraft ones next. Decisions, decisions!


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