Things I’ve Enjoyed Lately

I thought I'd make a post sharing some of the things I've seen/read/watched on the web recently. This might be something I turn into a series of posts or it could be just a one-off sort of thing. That being said, some of this stuff I've really enjoyed and I think it's fair to share... Continue Reading →

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Gaming Weekends – In which I gush (just a little) about D&D.

It's back! Two years? Three years? It's been a long time since I've talked in depth on the blog about my games. Occasionally I've posted about what I'm playing or planning but it's been years since I did a weekly post about my games and thoughts. I have a lot of those as I'm trying... Continue Reading →

Look Forward Too..

A bit late today as I'm fighting off some horrible sickness. I had hiccups THREE times in 9 hours yesterday! My throat has turned into sandpaper and my chest feels like I'm wearing an anchor. So, I'm happy I'm up and moving at all! But let's instead look... to the future! I actually don't have... Continue Reading →

Fall Used Book Haul

I'm trying to limit my book buying the past few months. I'm on my Read 5, Buy 1 ban. I also have limited my used book store visits severely. I finally went back last week with a sackful of books for trade. I had a goal to buy fewer books then I traded in -... Continue Reading →

Spring (April, May, June) TBR

     Let’s get real. I’m bad at these. We’ve had this discussion, we all know it’s a thing. I’ve decided the best thing for me is to pick 10-15 books I want to read in a 3 month period and that will be my TBR of sorts. Everything else is just whatever the hell... Continue Reading →

January Favorites!

It's a little late since I just decided on a whim to start this business but here is a January Favorites post! This will talk about the little things, bookish and otherwise that I've enjoyed this past month! ♥Book♥ Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke has just been a book that's stuck to me since... Continue Reading →

Changes and New Content

Now that my vacation is over I've decided to make some changes on the blogging front. A couple years ago I ran a book blog, purely books and reviews, but wasn't having fun with it. It closed down and I didn't start back up till now. What I've decided to do is to find a... Continue Reading →

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