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Gaming Weekends – In which I gush (just a little) about D&D.

It's back! Two years? Three years? It's been a long time since I've talked in depth on the blog about my games. Occasionally I've posted about what I'm playing or planning but it's been years since I did a weekly post about my games and thoughts. I have a lot of those as I'm trying… Continue reading Gaming Weekends – In which I gush (just a little) about D&D.

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Look Forward Too..

A bit late today as I'm fighting off some horrible sickness. I had hiccups THREE times in 9 hours yesterday! My throat has turned into sandpaper and my chest feels like I'm wearing an anchor. So, I'm happy I'm up and moving at all! But let's instead look... to the future! I actually don't have… Continue reading Look Forward Too..

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Guilty Pleasure Reading : Should I feel guilty?

I've been pondering this idea of 'guilty pleasure' reading lately. I'm not sure what brought it on, possibly discussions of genre vs canon and the worth of a reader that I've seen or heard lately. The idea that someone should be ashamed or thought less of for what they read bothers me on a fundamental… Continue reading Guilty Pleasure Reading : Should I feel guilty?

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Graphic Novels : What I’m reading

Graphic novels have gotten a surge in popularity lately, which is awesome. I've always been a big fan of the medium, bouncing between DC and Marvel (on a regular basis until DC royally screwed up the characters I loved, now I'm a Marvel girl for life). I've also, over time become an even bigger fan… Continue reading Graphic Novels : What I’m reading