Changes and New Content

Now that my vacation is over I’ve decided to make some changes on the blogging front. A couple years ago I ran a book blog, purely books and reviews, but wasn’t having fun with it. It closed down and I didn’t start back up till now.
What I’ve decided to do is to find a space on here for everything I love. I love books (let’s get real, most of this blog will be books) but I intend to do a bit of blogging about other things too. Keep it interesting and keep it fun. Ultimately it’s for me and if other people enjoy it then that’s even better. The first change is the name to ‘AllBookedUp’.
I am busy, all the time. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing but I’m staying busy. If I’m not reading or writing, I’m gaming, if it’s summer I’m gardening and if I’m not doing that I’m crafting. Since so far I’ve done garden and books here I’m also going to add in some gaming. Currently I’m back at it with World of Warcraft because it’s been 10 years and I’m still an addict.
So I’m going to try and do a Warcraft Weekend column, at least one post every weekend about topics I find interesting or what I’m up to. Fun times! As I play and do other things I may periodically post during the week for those games, like when I finally finish The Witcher 3 (one day). I am also planning a replay of Pokemon, don’t know which one yet, and I might chronicle those adventures.
I also want to do periodic posts about my craft projects and changes, but as those are bigger and take longer to complete those posts will come more sporadically.
My book content I want to be fresh and unique, I don’t want to stick to hauls and standard reviews. I love comparing classics to current incarnations and I really want to finish my genre exploration on Horror so I’m going to try and put a lot of thought into that content. I’ll do a lot of Tags as they are easy and fun, but I am going to try and keep it more than the standard stuff.

That is our current status and some of the changes to come!

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