Warcraft Weekend : State of my game

World of Warcraft, the great time consuming beast. Despite its stigma, and it’s flaws I have been a player since the original game came out. It’s been an off and on journey, and I’ve played both sides of the world (starting ad Horde and switching for my husband to Alliance). I’ve been a progression raider with a ranked guild, raided with a semi casual guild as a leader/assistant and then moved on to casually gaming in a tiny self run guild with my friends.
There are a lot of things to love (and to hate) about the game but this is to summarize my current game! I currently have 4 level 100 characters (another is 98 and will hopefully be 100 when this goes up, so 5). I do not raid currently but am finishing my warlock to gear and try out in a new guild. My Feral druid is my main with a iLvL of 685ish. She is most of what you’ll see as I use her for my rep grinding and achievement hunting.
Meet Sar :


I have a Hunter as well, my secondary, whom I have had an incarnation of on every server I’ve ever played on. Her original incarnation was my first main and first cap level character. It’s Adi :


My other assorted characters include an angry affliction Warlock, a unappreciated elemental Shaman, and a hilariously tiny unholy Death Knight. As I level I’ll be able to add characters to this list but these are my caps.
Current goals?
I am 10 mounts from my 200 mount achievement (I am a collector on this game). I’m working on my Emerald Drake, I’m missing the Onyxian Drake and the Blazing Drake, so lucky me runs Dragon Soul and Onyxia like 4 times a week on all my alts. #bitterangst
I am also at 577 of 600 on my battle pets achivement.
My warlock needs to be completed and gear to 685 ASAP, so perhaps in the next week or two I’ll do a post about speed gearing her. Fun times.
I have completed my Draenor Flying achievement so bring on the new patch! WOOO!
And finally I’m working on two legendary farms (My right Glaive and the bow for my Hunter) and getting ready to start my Frostmourne quest on the DK.

All in all, I keep busy! I’m not sure exactly what I’ll focus on for upcoming Warcraft Weekends but I’ll try and keep it fun and interesting.
Till next time my fellow heroes.

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