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Warcraft Weekends : HighMountain and Stormheim (or Dear Goddess don’t let me fall)

I don’t have a fear of heights and I’ve never experienced vertigo. I’m naturally terrified of the ocean, but these two zones made me nervous as hell. Both Highmountain and Stormheim are rocky and well… high. So high that I did in fact swing my camera down and go ‘Nope, nope, nope’ and got off that tiny rope bridge as fast as my hearthstone could take me. Both zones (and in a few places on others) Blizzard has made genuinely thin walkways. The path you have is so convincingly treacherous looking that you can’t help but hug the wall so tight your fingers hurt.
Rant aside! Highmountain is probably tied with Suramar for my second favorite zone and Stormheim is probably my least favorite so far. The story for both is still very solid though. Highmountain gives you a look at some new style of tauren (with moose antlers!) that funny enough ride giant eagles. This tickled the snot out of me, a very clever subversion of the ‘big, heavy, and ugly’ cow trope the tauren frequently falls into. We also wowscrnshot_090316_223735learn why the kobolds are so damn possessive of those candles. I’m actually a little sad I know now, I don’t think I can mock them quite as much as I used to! That quest line in particular was the best of the zone. It’s similar to the line of quests the Horde have where you become a quest giver, but in this case you’re a quest giver for kobolds. Which frankly, was the funniest quest I’ve done in a long time. I definitely recommend Highmountain as a good starting zone, since you can choose any of the zones (beside Suramar) to start in.
Stormheim, possibly for fault of being the last zone we leveled in was my least favorite. We hit 100 about half way through and the rest of the zone felt clumsy as we tried to get through it to Suramar. That aside the lore in this place was very neat. The Vrykul of odynandrhenLich King era are back in a fashion with real story and meat to them. They’re the ‘northern’ culture of WoW, what looks to be a bastardization of Norse myth. I mean, the dungeon for this zone is Halls of Valor. The main quest giver in the zone turn out to be Odyn (spoilers? I mean honestly though if you don’t see that coming you might be a little blind, he has two giant ravens following him around). It’s also the zone that I wasted 40 minutes of my life trying to scale for my spirit moose, as previously lamented, so I went into it with low expectations. It plays a lot like Howling Fjord, with a similar zone aesthetic. And of course the cliffs of doom everywhere.  There were however pirate vampires, with a nice reference to the original Dracula novel so, bravo for that. And I ALMOST FORGOT! The grappling hook is probably the most hilariously gimmicky part of this zone but I loved it. You pick up a grapple gun and use hooks throughout the zone to scale mountains and get to mobs and other goodies. It’s also utilized in Suramar (but more on that in the future).
Like I said between these two zones I’d definitely pick Highmountain in hurry. I did still find both zones lore interesting, and I’m hoping that if I start a character in Stormheim I might find it more enjoyable. I’m still impressed with Legion so far, so hopes and enjoyment is still high!

Warcraft Weekend : Legion Beta Thoughts

What’s this?! A Warcraft Weekend!? Who died?*

*SPOILERS – A HELL OF A LOT OF PEOPLE – I shall elaborate on this in another post, but DAMN EVERYONE FREAKING DIES.

So with it would stand to reason that I wait months for a Legion beta key only to get one when my thumb is completely out of commission. However, who said I was going to not play the biggest release of the year for me? HA! So, in spurts of furious gaming I’ve gotten to dip my toes into the Beta. WoWScrnShot_082815_121803
Now, for those who don’t know about Warcraft Weekends because it’s been forever and a day since I’ve done one – I sometimes like to talk about World of Warcraft. I’m not much
for the technical side of the game like the best rotation and how to do this or that. I’m in it for the lore and the fun of it.
So if you want to know the story behind WoW, the lore and the way Azeroth ticks – that’s what I’m into. And there is a lot of it guys. A lot and it’s constantly changing.
That aside! What are my thoughts so far? As it stands between myself and hubby we have played through Demon Hunter training, and begun several class quests for artifacts. I wanted to see how these fancy-spancy weapons were explained and how Azeroth gets to the Broken Isles.
Of the classes we’ve tried, Death Knight, Rogue, Demon Hunter and Warrior, we really enjoyed them. I’m going to save my judgement on Demon Hunter because I’m also reading through Illidan with hubby and I feel like that’s going to elaborate on the story more. Rogue was super fun, exceptionally epic (especially the final fight scene after the artifact is acquired – no spoilers!). Hubby is almost tempted to play Death Knight as opposed to his Paladin come release, which is kind of like the sky deciding ‘Hey, today is a good day to be purple’. And Warriors? Let’s just say they’re finally getting much deserved love.
The lore of these weapons are odd. I don’t know how I feel about how it pieces together. I could rationalize the pandas of Pandaria and how it weaved into the overall narrative of Azeroth, but these weapons (though SUPER cool) seem somehow contrived. Just a little. Just enough for me to go ‘Okay you.’
My only BIG complaint though in all of beta so far… Jaina ‘I’ve become a psycho WITH NO JainaAPPARENT DEVELOPMENT PRIOR‘ Proudmoore.
This is not an old complaint for me. Prior to the destruction of Theramore Jaina was one of my favorite characters in WoW. She was calm, powerful, and wanted peace. Then Theramore was destroyed and she looses her mind. Sure, fine, I’ll accept some crazy behavior after she just watched her home town get blown sky high. What I don’t accept is her continued blind hatred. That is and never was part of Jaina. She as kind, she was clever and resourceful. She’s been turned – through what I see as incredibly shit-tastic writing (and sexist to boot) the good ole ‘Psycho Woman’ trope. And it makes me livid. I can’t stand to see her, her lines are always hate filled, no matter the circumstances she wants to kill all the horde. A character that had previously been intelligent enough to see both sides no SUDDENLY cannot do so? I don’t buy it and probably never well.
Rant aside – and gods I needed to do that – I’m enjoying Beta so far. I’ll be back with more thoughts, hopefully next weekend, as we explore more classes and get some good concrete ideas down.
Till then!

Thoughts on Yo-Kai Watch!

I love Pokemon. I love urban fantasy with ghosts and and spirits. I love cute and definitely annoying anime characters. Finally, I love puns. This means that I love Yo-Kai Watch. My husband and I caught an episode of the TV show and I kind of lost my shit there. Then, in researching it I found the game. The big draw for me, in addition to all the little things I love, the game is made by Level 5. Most of their games have been home runs for me.


So let’s look at the game. I’ve got it on my adorable Isabelle New 3DS and it’s fantastic. It’s adorable, and fun. I’m not very far, I’ll go ahead and say it, so I don’t know much about the overall plot but I have some thoughts. I don’t trust Whisper, and I love it. He’s not telling us as the players why we’re doing what we’re doing. He’s also not telling us how or really who he is. I can’t wait to find out more about that smug looking, white floating turd. Besides the suspicious behavior of that ghostly asshole the plot seems pretty straight forward. Stop the waves of bad Yo-Kai from busting into the human world. For some reason I really like it in this setting though. Yo-Kai are spirits that most humans can’t see but affect those people. Causing them to be depressed, or hungry, or even just itchy. If the human realm is over run it’s going to really suck. So that, though pretty cookie cutter, is actually pretty clever.

The game play is something that did surprise me. The battle system is not your usual team control based system. You can have at any time six Yo-Kai medallions on you. These are the six Yo-Kai that go out into battle with you and you can change them out at your GameLayout.pnghouse or any of the ‘save’ points scattered through town. Only three will show by default on the screen, and you control them with the wheel on the touch screen (see the picture). When you turn the wheel your Yo-Kai will switch, so you can rotate them around one at a time. During battle they’ll attack by default, almost an auto attack. What you do is keep them up and control the ‘Soultimate’ attacks. You can use Items (for healing, befriending, etc), you can Target an enemy Yo-Kai to focus attacks. You can also Purify, which I found interesting. Yo-Kai can be affected by status ailments. Using the touch screen you rotate your despirited friend to the purple Purify then tap it. You’ll do one of a few activities on the screen like rub smoke away, or break the shell around them to free your Yo-Kai from those affects. Soultimate is the same idea, but in reverse. You tap it, then the charged Yo-Kai and interact by popping bubbles, drawing symbols, or spinning your Yo-Kai to charge them. It’s clever and definitely fun.

So the characters are fairly standard. The big draw of this type of game is collecting. You can play a boy or girl (who is adorable). That main character is surprisingly smart! JibanyanLittle things have tickled me about the dialogue in this game. The first encounter you have with Whisper especially gets me (‘I’ll just back away slowly and keep eye contact, maybe he won’t notice’), it’s surprisingly smart and self aware.
I’ve mentioned my distrust of Whisper but the rest of the Yo-Kai crack me up. Some have legit names and stories, like Jibanyan but others… oh man. Manjimutt in particular comes to mind here. He is truly weird and creepy. I wouldn’t say there are particularly pretty Yo-Kai but there are some Manjimuttcute ones. It’s a healthy mix of looks and characters.

All together I’d say it’s a super fun little game. It does have it’s cons though, I’m not driven to pick it up every day and play it for hours at a time. It’s not something that I’m addicted to (yet?). It has it’s appeals and with enough mini-game style interactions (like bug catching and fishing) it’ll be something I’ll come back to on and off for sometime. I’d definitely recommend this one if you like these little games, but I would wait a few months and let the price drop. At the very least pick up the demo in the Nintendo Store to help you decide.

Till next time! (OMG next time should be Fire Emblem Fates – iamsoexcitedicouldshit)

Thoughts on Fallout 4

Fallout 3 was such an intense time sink for me. I spent so long doing everything but the story line of that game that 3 months after I ‘finished’ it I finally went back and beat it. In fact I remember so much about that game but very little about the story of it.
Fallout 4 is not going to be the same. Four is different in that you get to see some of the world before the war, before the vaults. Your character was a war veteran and on the morning that the bombs are dropped that wipe out/change the world you are just hanging out in your house getting ready for a speech. After creating your character (which if you enjoy that sort of thing will take you a minimum of 20 minutes) you go through a few basic ‘about me’ type of situations then shit hits the fan. You hear of bombs falling and then your character and your wife/husband, bearing your infant child, make a run for the nearest vault.
There you are cryogenetically frozen, something you had no idea would happen. Shortly after that (in play time) the triggers begin for the story. Eventually you wake up 200 years in the future.
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Where is Warcraft Weekends?

Well a few points on this.

1.) FALLOUT 4 (Hopefully next weekend I’ll have a Thoughts On post about Fallout. However for this to happen I need to actually do some story missions… not build settlements for hours…)

2.) I am honestly still trying to recover myself after the Legion class changes and announcements. As the fangirl I am I predictably lost my shit over some of the updates *coughcoughcough*.


  3.) It’s NaNoWriMo, but I think I’ve beat that horse into the ground enough. (I’VE ALREADY WON! WOO!)

4.) I had been, up until lately, getting ready for YALL Fest.

Hopefully by December or mid-way through we will resume the regular Warcraft Weekend posts. I do want to finish my favorite armor sets, but I really want to talk about the changes. Like I said though, I just can’t even articulate how excited I am about so many of them. Even the artifacts. I need to just start sitting down and word vomiting on the keyboard anytime there is news. Maybe then we can pick up the pace.