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Looking Forward Too…

    We skipped last week’s installment of Looking Forward Too unfortunately. Our home AC unit decided it needed some attention and the bulk of the weekend/any free time I had was spent in our basement tending to it. That’s a real shame too as this week was a great mail week, so I want to… Continue reading Looking Forward Too…

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A Late Looking Forward Too…

I'm running a little late, I know. To be honest the post has been made since Thursday, but events in the past few days have kept me up and moving - away from my PC so here we are!  Next week is exciting, I have two small novellas coming in, both of which were on… Continue reading A Late Looking Forward Too…

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Warcraft Weekends : HighMountain and Stormheim (or Dear Goddess don’t let me fall)

I don't have a fear of heights and I've never experienced vertigo. I'm naturally terrified of the ocean, but these two zones made me nervous as hell. Both Highmountain and Stormheim are rocky and well... high. So high that I did in fact swing my camera down and go 'Nope, nope, nope' and got off… Continue reading Warcraft Weekends : HighMountain and Stormheim (or Dear Goddess don’t let me fall)

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Warcraft Weekends : Legion Questing and Val’Sharah wrap up!

So hubby and I finished Val'Sharah last night. We completed the main questline, collected all the treasures, and farmed up all the rares. What did we think? We were impressed! Both of us have been playing since Vanilla, on and off. We've quested our way to max on multiple characters, and have even done the… Continue reading Warcraft Weekends : Legion Questing and Val’Sharah wrap up!

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Warcraft Weekend : Legion Beta Thoughts

What's this?! A Warcraft Weekend!? Who died?* *SPOILERS - A HELL OF A LOT OF PEOPLE - I shall elaborate on this in another post, but DAMN EVERYONE FREAKING DIES. So with it would stand to reason that I wait months for a Legion beta key only to get one when my thumb is completely… Continue reading Warcraft Weekend : Legion Beta Thoughts