Looking Forward Too…

    We skipped last week’s installment of Looking Forward Too unfortunately. Our home AC unit decided it needed some attention and the bulk of the weekend/any free time I had was spent in our basement tending to it. That’s a real shame too as this week was a great mail week, so I want to... Continue Reading →

A Late Looking Forward Too…

I'm running a little late, I know. To be honest the post has been made since Thursday, but events in the past few days have kept me up and moving - away from my PC so here we are!  Next week is exciting, I have two small novellas coming in, both of which were on... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Yo-Kai Watch!

I love Pokemon. I love urban fantasy with ghosts and and spirits. I love cute and definitely annoying anime characters. Finally, I love puns. This means that I love Yo-Kai Watch. My husband and I caught an episode of the TV show and I kind of lost my shit there. Then, in researching it I... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Fallout 4

Fallout 3 was such an intense time sink for me. I spent so long doing everything but the story line of that game that 3 months after I 'finished' it I finally went back and beat it. In fact I remember so much about that game but very little about the story of it. Fallout... Continue Reading →

Where is Warcraft Weekends?

Well a few points on this. 1.) FALLOUT 4 (Hopefully next weekend I'll have a Thoughts On post about Fallout. However for this to happen I need to actually do some story missions... not build settlements for hours...) 2.) I am honestly still trying to recover myself after the Legion class changes and announcements. As the... Continue Reading →

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