A Late Looking Forward Too…

I’m running a little late, I know. To be honest the post has been made since Thursday, but events in the past few days have kept me up and moving – away from my PC so here we are!

 Next week is exciting, I have two small novellas coming in, both of which were on my most anticipated list for the year!

  • The Red Threads of Fortune (The Tensorate Series) by JY YangBlacktides
    “Fallen prophet, master of the elements, and daughter of the supreme Protector, Sanao Mokoya has abandoned the life that once bound her. Once her visions shaped the lives of citizens across the land, but no matter what tragedy Mokoya foresaw, she could never reshape the future. Broken by the loss of her young daughter, she now hunts deadly, sky-obscuring naga in the harsh outer reaches of the kingdom with packs of dinosaurs at her side, far from everything she used to love…”
  • The Black Tides of Heaven (The Tensorate Series) by JY Yang
    “Mokoya and Akeha, the twin children of the Protector, were sold to the Grand Monastery as infants. While Mokoya developed her strange prophetic gift, Akeha was always the one who could see the strings that moved adults to action. While Mokoya received visions of what would be, Akeha realized what could be. What’s more, they saw the sickness at the heart of their mother’s Protectorate…”

  There are a couple more new releases coming out next week that I’m going to watch for at the library.


 As always I’ve added some goodies to my TBR for the future. Swampwalker’s Journal: A Wetlands Year by David Carroll looks like a classic of nature writing and I’ve heard some good things about him. I’m always on the prowl for new nature writers so this one hit the TBR pretty quick. I also added a mystery Wife of the Gods (Darko Dawson #1) by Kwei Quartey, which honestly I’ve been eyeballing for a long while now and some how never added. Acadie by Dave Hutchinson, a Tor.com novella, hit my review feed this week with high praise so I’ll be trying that as soon as I can.

      I’d also like say there are some really good eBook deals going right now, I highly recommend checking that out. I noticed some real winners coming through, especially in my Book Riot Deals email (an email worth signing up for if you’re a cheap book junkie). So if you’ve been ignoring those eBooks sales, you should probably look at those before the week is up.

    As far as non-bookish things go I don’t think I have anything fairly exciting coming up. I’m still working my way through YS VIII, and I’m still enjoying it. It has impressed me a few times with story and it definitely twisted in a way I didn’t expect at one point. It is a JRPG so you get what you’d expect with that, but it’s really fun so far! – And as a late addition to this, if you’re on Playstation there are some great Assassin’s Creed sales going on. I picked up the Chronicles games (the side scrollers), all three, for 10 dollars. I’m pretty excited as those are the India, China, and Russia games. Better settings by far than some of the locals they’ve picked for full games.

    Did I miss any good news? What’s everyone got going on?

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