Where is Warcraft Weekends?

Well a few points on this.

1.) FALLOUT 4 (Hopefully next weekend I’ll have a Thoughts On post about Fallout. However for this to happen I need to actually do some story missions… not build settlements for hours…)

2.) I am honestly still trying to recover myself after the Legion class changes and announcements. As the fangirl I am I predictably lost my shit over some of the updates *coughcoughcough*.


  3.) It’s NaNoWriMo, but I think I’ve beat that horse into the ground enough. (I’VE ALREADY WON! WOO!)

4.) I had been, up until lately, getting ready for YALL Fest.

Hopefully by December or mid-way through we will resume the regular Warcraft Weekend posts. I do want to finish my favorite armor sets, but I really want to talk about the changes. Like I said though, I just can’t even articulate how excited I am about so many of them. Even the artifacts. I need to just start sitting down and word vomiting on the keyboard anytime there is news. Maybe then we can pick up the pace.

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