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2016 Reading/Blogging Goals

I still cannot believe I'm making this post. 2015 is falling away, leaving 2016 behind. Where does the time go? Seriously? Between working full-time, writing, taking care of my family and house, and reading I'm lucky I notice the days. But it's here, the end of year posting when everyone puts up their goals, plans,… Continue reading 2016 Reading/Blogging Goals

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Authors To Read In 2016

I figured I'd make a list of authors I want to read at least one book by in 2016. I read a lot of books in a year, and due to my moody reading I can bounce all over the place and read a little bit of everything and not pay attention to goals. There… Continue reading Authors To Read In 2016

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Top 5 Wednesday : Books to Read by the Fire (winter/holiday recommendations)

So... I'm not good at seasonal recommendations, let's be honest here. However the winter is a season in which most people are curled up and reading, stuck inside. So I have a few ideas for these (I'm again going to avoid Harry Potter, everyone will be recommending Harry Potter, lets get real)! Top 5 is… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday : Books to Read by the Fire (winter/holiday recommendations)

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Guilty Pleasure Reading : Should I feel guilty?

I've been pondering this idea of 'guilty pleasure' reading lately. I'm not sure what brought it on, possibly discussions of genre vs canon and the worth of a reader that I've seen or heard lately. The idea that someone should be ashamed or thought less of for what they read bothers me on a fundamental… Continue reading Guilty Pleasure Reading : Should I feel guilty?

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Top 5 Wednesday : Favorite Retellings

Favorite Retellings. That's a broad category, and a case can be made that almost everything is a retelling of some other, older story. I'm going to try and pick a few different... maybe styles? of retellings. Boy oh boy! Top 5 is of course created by Lainey at GingerReadsLainey. And as usual these are not… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday : Favorite Retellings