Mini-Reviews: Volume 5

We’re back! We’re also agreeing right now, wrong or right that this is volume 5 and any missing volumes were always there just simply not available to view. If they are there now to look back at then excellent! They’ve returned!



The Duchess War (Book One of The Brothers Sinister Series) by Courtney Milan

   This is one of those I didn’t talk about on Goodreads. I enjoyed this for all it’s cheese as an obvious historical romance. The characters had some genuine feeling and depth to them, for the most part. And while I didn’t connect so well with some of the secondary characters I read the follow-up novella A Kiss for Midwinter and it was adorable. I hoping to have up a post about my thoughts on romance and ‘guilty pleasure’ books soon. I considered this research… that I had to buy a second book and two short stories of…
If you like sweet romance novels though, seriously, this is great.


Amazonia by James Rollins Amazonia

     I’m usually not one for thrillers, in fact I have read very few adult thrillers. I think maybe just Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons? My dad recommended this one and not two days later it popped up on my Youtube feed. so I grabbed my own copy.
It was a lot of fun! I love the unknown, things I can’t predict or things that are so weirdly over the top that I don’t expect them. This pulled that off. Sure it had some of the tropes and conventions you would expect but it had just enough wierd to really invest me. I’m looking forward to the next one, and hoping it will have that same weirdness.

Alcatraz versus The Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson

I’ve had the first three books in this series on my self for a while and finally grabbed this one up for a fast read. It is really fast and it’s really funny. There is a lot of humor in this that kids will find refreshing and a lot of stuff I think adults will really enjoy as well.
The best bit was likely the talks about ‘great and deep’ books all having dogs dying, especially after hearing Mr. Sanderson talk about the reasons why he didn’t like to read as a kid (the dogs were always dying!). Great stuff, I’d really recommend it for kids and adults



Domnall and the Borrowed Child by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

A fun and enchanting read, this was probably the shortest of the Tor Novellas that I read. The length fit the story however, as it was very much a self contained fairy tale. Though not the strongest that I’ve read from the line of novellas I still enjoyed it.


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