Authors To Read In 2016

I figured I’d make a list of authors I want to read at least one book by in 2016. I read a lot of books in a year, and due to my moody reading I can bounce all over the place and read a little bit of everything and not pay attention to goals. There are authors though that have been haunting the edges of my TBR for months or years that I just have not gotten to. So I’m setting myself concrete goals here.
I want to read these authors in 2016.

  • Sarah Waters – She’s the favorite of many ‘tubers and bloggers I enjoy and I want to read more literature. Her books often, if not always (?) feature lesbian protagonists, something else that I want to read more of!
  • Charles Dickens – I feel like this doesn’t need an intro. I’m on a classics roll so I finally want to get to some of the classics, Dickens being one of the biggest.
  • Ali Smith – Another author that features LGBTQ+ themes, Ali Smith is a popular UK author that I’d never heard of till this year. I’ve heard only good things and can’t wait to pick up some of her work.
  • Chuck Wendig – I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I read all his blog posts, I’ve read his writing books, I follow him on twitter and facebook. I just haven’t gotten any of his novels under my belt! I have his entire YA trilogy on my kindle. That’ll be my first ones I knock out.
  • Faith Hunter – I’m really excited about this new UF series. My husband picked up the first one for me in the bookstore a few months back, he was intrigued by the Native American themes, and it’s been sitting beside my PC since. I’m trying desperately to finish or catch up on a few other series before I crack into another, but this might be my next long series I start.
  • Jen Campbell – I might be starting Jen’s poetry early in the year, but I follow her online and love her videos. I can’t wait to finally pick up (a) some poetry and (b) something from her!
  • Beth Revis – This is another Chuck Wendig. I have a few books by her, I enjoy her online presence but I just haven’t gotten to her novel. *Shame*
  • Kristy Logan – The Gracekeepers came out a few months back and another short story collection is coming up from this author. I cannot wait to get to either as I’ve heard nothing but good things.
  • David Mitchell – This author has a huge backlog of things I could pick up so at this point I’m just on the fence deciding. I’m thinking I’ll pick up Bone Clocks then The Slade House as the two are supposed to weave together.
  • Haruki Murakami – I want to read more Japanese literature, and I’ve heard that Murakami is excellent for fans of magical realism and SFF. Not to mention the glowing reviews I’ve seen of his work, he’s made it high on my list.

Who else should be on this list, any ideas?

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