Warcraft Weekends : I can’t get rid of you Suramar


Warcraft Weekends : HighMountain and Stormheim (or Dear Goddess don’t let me fall)

I don’t have a fear of heights and I’ve never experienced vertigo. I’m naturally terrified of the ocean, but these two zones made me nervous as hell. Both Highmountain and Stormheim are rocky and well… high. So high that I did in fact swing my camera down and go ‘Nope, nope, nope’ and got off that tiny rope bridge as fast as my hearthstone could take me. Both zones (and in a few places on others) Blizzard has made genuinely thin walkways. The path you have is so convincingly treacherous looking that you can’t help but hug the wall so tight your fingers hurt.
Rant aside! Highmountain is probably tied with Suramar for my second favorite zone and Stormheim is probably my least favorite so far. The story for both is still very solid though. Highmountain gives you a look at some new style of tauren (with moose antlers!) that funny enough ride giant eagles. This tickled the snot out of me, a very clever subversion of the ‘big, heavy, and ugly’ cow trope the tauren frequently falls into. We also wowscrnshot_090316_223735learn why the kobolds are so damn possessive of those candles. I’m actually a little sad I know now, I don’t think I can mock them quite as much as I used to! That quest line in particular was the best of the zone. It’s similar to the line of quests the Horde have where you become a quest giver, but in this case you’re a quest giver for kobolds. Which frankly, was the funniest quest I’ve done in a long time. I definitely recommend Highmountain as a good starting zone, since you can choose any of the zones (beside Suramar) to start in.
Stormheim, possibly for fault of being the last zone we leveled in was my least favorite. We hit 100 about half way through and the rest of the zone felt clumsy as we tried to get through it to Suramar. That aside the lore in this place was very neat. The Vrykul of odynandrhenLich King era are back in a fashion with real story and meat to them. They’re the ‘northern’ culture of WoW, what looks to be a bastardization of Norse myth. I mean, the dungeon for this zone is Halls of Valor. The main quest giver in the zone turn out to be Odyn (spoilers? I mean honestly though if you don’t see that coming you might be a little blind, he has two giant ravens following him around). It’s also the zone that I wasted 40 minutes of my life trying to scale for my spirit moose, as previously lamented, so I went into it with low expectations. It plays a lot like Howling Fjord, with a similar zone aesthetic. And of course the cliffs of doom everywhere.  There were however pirate vampires, with a nice reference to the original Dracula novel so, bravo for that. And I ALMOST FORGOT! The grappling hook is probably the most hilariously gimmicky part of this zone but I loved it. You pick up a grapple gun and use hooks throughout the zone to scale mountains and get to mobs and other goodies. It’s also utilized in Suramar (but more on that in the future).
Like I said between these two zones I’d definitely pick Highmountain in hurry. I did still find both zones lore interesting, and I’m hoping that if I start a character in Stormheim I might find it more enjoyable. I’m still impressed with Legion so far, so hopes and enjoyment is still high!

Warcraft Weekend : Top 5 Mail Transmogs

Mail, that awkward armor that only a two classes wear permanently.  I have the hardest time picking mail mogs for my Shaman and Hunter, which is pretty terrible. I’m picky! What can I say!
So these sets are ones that I usually pull from for the wow pieces like shoulders and heads.

FrostWitch5) The Frost Witch Garb
This one is great, especially with those awesome dynamic shoulders (I lucked into an awesome screenshot on that, lookit!). This set is also one, that I think, works for hunters and shamans but I usually just use this one on my shaman. I love a lot of Lich King sets, but this one really is one of the best. I think it really captures the expansion.

4) Volcanic Vestments Volcanic Vestments
Cataclysm was an expansion, like I’ve said before, that I loved and have some fond memories of in those times. Oh hardcore raiding, some much damn trouble and such a time waster but it really pays off for nostalgic purposes. This lovely set is pretty much just for Shamans, I don’t know that Hunters look that great in it. My favorite set with this also uses a different helm (the Rag helm from the Anniversary event). It really pulls off a great elemental shaman vibe.

RegaliaofTheFirebird3) Regalia of the Firebird (recolor)
This is one that I completely forgot about until I was pulling up my favorite sets! This one comes from Throne of Thunder (I think? Forgive me, I didn’t raid in Pandaria) and that set of tier of raids. I like this set for Hunters or Shamans again! It would look especially great on a troll of either class. The blue glow is my favorite color, it gives it a very ethereal look.

4) Malevolent Gladiator’s Pursuit Set (recolor)pvpset
This set I really only like on Drans. They have hooves, and the worst part of this mog is the boots, yuck. But otherwise I love the glowing, asymmetrical shoulders and that floofy hat! That hat… that hat is the best part. This is another set that I think also goes really well it’s expansion. It really pulls off the feel of the expansion well. Bravo!

ShamPvpSet5) Malevolent Gladiator’s Earthshaker (recolor)
     This is the same tier as the set above (to show you how picky I am) and this is very similar. The hat is similar to the one above, less floofy and more creepy. Let me tell you, I’m all about the creep factor (wait till my cloth article). This is possibly the darkest, creepiest to use that word again, that the Shaman’s have. I really enjoy it.

I know I favored the Shaman sets, but they have the best glow and I’m such a girl. I love glow on these types of characters. Who else has some favorites? Lets see them!

Warcraft Weekends: Pet Battles!

Isn't he supposed to be carrying us?!

Isn’t he supposed to be carrying us?!

Pet Battles, in my humble opinion are a blast. I’ve always been a fan of Pokemon style games. Find them, catch them, and train them. I love that! So when pet battles were introduced I was over the moon, let’s be real. I’d been collecting vanity pets for as long as I’d been playing so my already impressive collection was just waiting for the change.
Since it’s introduction pet battles haven’t changed much. You catch/purchase the pet of your choice and start battling to level it up. Little things have been added, stones of varying rarities to help boost levels or auto level to max, stones to raise actual pet rarity but overall it’s stayed pretty consistent. As my playing becomes more sporadic my battling also becomes more sporadic so I’m not a hardcore battler, still a collector though.

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Warcraft Weekends : Thoughts on the Status of the World


“Is World of Warcraft failing? Are you worried?”

World of Warcraft is an old MMO, lets face it. It’s over 10 years old. Do you know how many MMOs last that long with the popularity it has? The only one I can think of with the popularity and press of WoW might be EverQuest which has been reincarnated several times since it’s original inception (please correct me here). In any case my point is that WoW is a successful beast, an incredible game industry changing beast of profit.

If I spend any amount of time hanging out in my Garrison I will eventually see scrolling in Trade Chat a few things: the server troll doing what he does, someone selling pets for way over market value, and people saying WoW is failing, the sky is falling, we won’t have a game in two years. This amuses me to no end. The game has 5 million subscribers. That’s a huge number. Taking that at face value most people would say, ‘Wow, okay awesome, that game is doing pretty solid’. Many people worry or state that this is terrible because that’s half of what WoW used to have. Sure, put it that bit of information on the end and yes, that’s a bit startling. But it’s still 5 million. The biggest factor for me that I think a lot of people miss (?) Or maybe don’t realize is that WoW is going to get less popular over time, it’s bound to happen and the end of every expansion is always a slump. It’ll even out and come Legion (Oh great Aspects let it be soon) release time those numbers will jump like a monkey on monkey dew.

So I’m not worried. I’ve played the game long enough and watched the numbers long enough to anticipate and acknowledge what’s happening. We’ll see a surge of subs at Legion release (lets also point out that they’re bringing back Illidan, fan favorite. Brace yourselves the fanboys are coming) which will die back down later. The game is old, it’s loosing some popularity but it’s still fun and still addicting. I think it will be many, many years before we have cause to be worried about ‘WoW Failing’

As a side note I can’t help but imagine Trade Chat like the Fox News of WoW, does anyone else have that problem? The similarities for me are hilarious.

As another side note who else is making a demon hunter? Anyone? Yesssss…

Warcraft Weekend : State of my game

World of Warcraft, the great time consuming beast. Despite its stigma, and it’s flaws I have been a player since the original game came out. It’s been an off and on journey, and I’ve played both sides of the world (starting ad Horde and switching for my husband to Alliance). I’ve been a progression raider with a ranked guild, raided with a semi casual guild as a leader/assistant and then moved on to casually gaming in a tiny self run guild with my friends.
There are a lot of things to love (and to hate) about the game but this is to summarize my current game! I currently have 4 level 100 characters (another is 98 and will hopefully be 100 when this goes up, so 5). I do not raid currently but am finishing my warlock to gear and try out in a new guild. My Feral druid is my main with a iLvL of 685ish. She is most of what you’ll see as I use her for my rep grinding and achievement hunting.
Meet Sar :


I have a Hunter as well, my secondary, whom I have had an incarnation of on every server I’ve ever played on. Her original incarnation was my first main and first cap level character. It’s Adi :


My other assorted characters include an angry affliction Warlock, a unappreciated elemental Shaman, and a hilariously tiny unholy Death Knight. As I level I’ll be able to add characters to this list but these are my caps.
Current goals?
I am 10 mounts from my 200 mount achievement (I am a collector on this game). I’m working on my Emerald Drake, I’m missing the Onyxian Drake and the Blazing Drake, so lucky me runs Dragon Soul and Onyxia like 4 times a week on all my alts. #bitterangst
I am also at 577 of 600 on my battle pets achivement.
My warlock needs to be completed and gear to 685 ASAP, so perhaps in the next week or two I’ll do a post about speed gearing her. Fun times.
I have completed my Draenor Flying achievement so bring on the new patch! WOOO!
And finally I’m working on two legendary farms (My right Glaive and the bow for my Hunter) and getting ready to start my Frostmourne quest on the DK.

All in all, I keep busy! I’m not sure exactly what I’ll focus on for upcoming Warcraft Weekends but I’ll try and keep it fun and interesting.
Till next time my fellow heroes.