Warcraft Weekends : Thoughts on the Status of the World


“Is World of Warcraft failing? Are you worried?”

World of Warcraft is an old MMO, lets face it. It’s over 10 years old. Do you know how many MMOs last that long with the popularity it has? The only one I can think of with the popularity and press of WoW might be EverQuest which has been reincarnated several times since it’s original inception (please correct me here). In any case my point is that WoW is a successful beast, an incredible game industry changing beast of profit.

If I spend any amount of time hanging out in my Garrison I will eventually see scrolling in Trade Chat a few things: the server troll doing what he does, someone selling pets for way over market value, and people saying WoW is failing, the sky is falling, we won’t have a game in two years. This amuses me to no end. The game has 5 million subscribers. That’s a huge number. Taking that at face value most people would say, ‘Wow, okay awesome, that game is doing pretty solid’. Many people worry or state that this is terrible because that’s half of what WoW used to have. Sure, put it that bit of information on the end and yes, that’s a bit startling. But it’s still 5 million. The biggest factor for me that I think a lot of people miss (?) Or maybe don’t realize is that WoW is going to get less popular over time, it’s bound to happen and the end of every expansion is always a slump. It’ll even out and come Legion (Oh great Aspects let it be soon) release time those numbers will jump like a monkey on monkey dew.

So I’m not worried. I’ve played the game long enough and watched the numbers long enough to anticipate and acknowledge what’s happening. We’ll see a surge of subs at Legion release (lets also point out that they’re bringing back Illidan, fan favorite. Brace yourselves the fanboys are coming) which will die back down later. The game is old, it’s loosing some popularity but it’s still fun and still addicting. I think it will be many, many years before we have cause to be worried about ‘WoW Failing’

As a side note I can’t help but imagine Trade Chat like the Fox News of WoW, does anyone else have that problem? The similarities for me are hilarious.

As another side note who else is making a demon hunter? Anyone? Yesssss…

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