Favorite Genre Tag

This tag was created by Skye Pie On The Fly on Youtube, check her out!

1) Your favorite genre : I call it Speculative Fiction to be fancy, or simply SF/F
2) Favorite Books in the genre : UUNNNGGHH… I can’t answer these types of questions. It’s going to be a tie between Words of Radiance and Harry Potter. I know I’m terribly unoriginal.
3) Where did it all start : I picked up reading way before most of my classmates, I was let into the advanced section of the library in elementary school by the end of Kindergarten. I devoured a book, which I sadly don’t remember the name of, about a girl who could turn into a seal. I had up till then been reading Nancy Drew. The magic of that book had me jonesing for ages. The first series I remember really kick-starting my love was by Tamora Pierce (aka My Queen). It was the Immortals Quartet, which I quickly followed up with the The Song of the Lioness Quartet. I was a lost cause after that. Signed, sold, and delivered.
4) Hype – A book that deserves the hype and a book that deserves more hype than it has : (I’m going to ignore the obvious answer of Harry Potter from here on out) A book that deserved it’s hype is definitely The Martian by Andy Weir. Can. Not. Explain. My. Love. Just, go read it. Go. Now, forget this tag. Go…
Still here? Alright fine. A book that deserves more hype for me would be The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison. This book may have a steep learning curve for most but oh my god, is it so worth it.
5) Biggest Pet Peeve in the Genre : Lack of awesome ladies and Diversity anyone? Adult SF/F is sadly lacking in a lot of awesome, strong ladies and diverse relationships and cast. The stereotype fantasy book is ‘Great Guy Saves Day With Token Friends and Token Ranger/Cleric Girl Who Is Secretly Princess’. A lot of times it’s not far off. We’re getting better (no thanks to some, looking at you Puppies) but it’s still a flaw that I hope to see continually improved on.

6) Name the Authors/Series that are your Must Buy/Auto Buy : Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant, Brandon Sanderson, J. K. Rowling (though she does mostly Mystery now), John Scalzi, Chuck Wendig, and Illona Andrews.takemymoney
7) What places would you love to travel to / People you’d love to meet : Tortall from Tamora Pierce’s books or Valdemar from Mercedes Lackey’s. Those are great and rich fantasy worlds where I think I could survive for longer than… you know, an hour. I’d love to meet Verity Price from Seanan McGuire’s Incryptid series. I just want to pick her brain. Tell me all the Incryptids, teach me your ways!
8) What do you want to see more of in this genre : Just to revisit 5, more diversity and in addition perhaps so more of the classic tropes turned on their heads. I don’t think i need to explain the first but the second… more how Jim C Hines has, in his Libriomancer series, the brains is the scrawny white dude and the muscle is the amazing, Indian woman. That is a good twisted up trope for me.

9) Recommend 3 of your favorite books in the genre : Oh good grief, this is as bad as #2. Hmmm… The Paradox Trilogy by Rachel Bach, The Wool Saga by Hugh Howey, and The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

A fun tag overall! I tried to keep my answers somewhat unique, it’s hard not to harp on lack of diversity though!

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