Anything But Books Tag

I was tagged by Doris over at All D Books, so here are my answers to the Anything But Books Tag! No weekly wrap-up this week as I had to be a grown up and drive out of town twice for very adult related chores (car buying). I'm pretty pooped so a tag is what... Continue Reading →

A late #SHReads17 Tag

Winx at Winx & Ink posted a few weeks back the SHReads Tag. It took me a while but I finally got around to doing my own video response! Take a minute, if you can and check it out!  

Intimidating TBR Tag

Intimidating TBR I thought I’d do a tag! I saw this one over on Winx’s channel and really liked it. It’s been around for a while so I’ve seen it a lot of places, and it’s simple but I love talking about books I have on my shelves so I thought it was about time... Continue Reading →

Nine Circles of Hell Book Tag!

This was originally created by Missy from BingeReader and just sounded so fun when I saw it that I wanted to do it myself. Plus it's somewhat spooky? Maybe? A good way to close out the month. Let's head Down, down town for a visit... 1.) Limbo - What book series have you read the first book but have... Continue Reading →

Favorite Genre Tag

This tag was created by Skye Pie On The Fly on Youtube, check her out! 1) Your favorite genre : I call it Speculative Fiction to be fancy, or simply SF/F 2) Favorite Books in the genre : UUNNNGGHH... I can't answer these types of questions. It's going to be a tie between Words of... Continue Reading →

Would You Rather: Book Edition

    Maryan from 1BookLife did this and it looked fun! So here we go! Would you rather read only trilogies or read only standalones? Standalones. I like series, in fact most of what I read is a series of some sort but that is by no means on purpose. Typically series get more publicity, get... Continue Reading →

The Nintendo Book Tag

Video games and books, what could go wrong! 1) NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) - A classic you want to read.        Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.     I've never read the Holmes stories but I've always loved the different incarnations and reboots of them. My next classic purchase will be The Hound of... Continue Reading →

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