Warcraft Weekends: Pet Battles!

Isn't he supposed to be carrying us?!
Isn’t he supposed to be carrying us?!

Pet Battles, in my humble opinion are a blast. I’ve always been a fan of Pokemon style games. Find them, catch them, and train them. I love that! So when pet battles were introduced I was over the moon, let’s be real. I’d been collecting vanity pets for as long as I’d been playing so my already impressive collection was just waiting for the change.
Since it’s introduction pet battles haven’t changed much. You catch/purchase the pet of your choice and start battling to level it up. Little things have been added, stones of varying rarities to help boost levels or auto level to max, stones to raise actual pet rarity but overall it’s stayed pretty consistent. As my playing becomes more sporadic my battling also becomes more sporadic so I’m not a hardcore battler, still a collector though.

That being said I do have some solid pets that I keep healed up and ready to go!

  1. Anubisath Idol
    I love this bugger. He’s probably my most consistently dependable pet. I love the options his abilities get and he just doesn’t take damage like some of my glass canons. He’s also easy to get and level, one I’ve recommended over and over to friends.
  2. Kun-Lai Runt
    Not only is this big guy huge (he’s as tall as my gnome characters!) and loud but he’s a huge hitter. With a built in stun and slow down I love this guy. Honestly I think he might be my favorite, if I had to pick one pet to battle with it’d be my Runt.
  3. Clockwork Gnome
    This little Gnome is somewhat difficult to get, or possibly expensive if you just flat out refuse to level Archaeology but I consider him worth it. Mechanical pets come with the built in perk of popping back up once after death and he comes with a heal, that if timed right gets him to full health immediately afterward.
  4. Lofty Libram
    My love for my Libram is not in it’s battle skills but for the fact that’s it’s a flying book. Who doesn’t want a flying book?! I’ve also named mine Biblio Baggins – I’m hella clever.

Also, I get a kick out of renaming my pets, and they almost all follow a theme. Biblio Baggins, Killer Koko, Irate Ian, Dandy Darcy… picking up on it here? I love it. I do however have some winners that just amuse me, such as my Al Chimero (my Albino Chimaeraling).
Who else has favorites or little quirky habits with their pets?

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