Warcraft Weekend : Top 5 Mail Transmogs

Mail, that awkward armor that only a two classes wear permanently.  I have the hardest time picking mail mogs for my Shaman and Hunter, which is pretty terrible. I’m picky! What can I say!
So these sets are ones that I usually pull from for the wow pieces like shoulders and heads.

FrostWitch5) The Frost Witch Garb
This one is great, especially with those awesome dynamic shoulders (I lucked into an awesome screenshot on that, lookit!). This set is also one, that I think, works for hunters and shamans but I usually just use this one on my shaman. I love a lot of Lich King sets, but this one really is one of the best. I think it really captures the expansion.

4) Volcanic Vestments Volcanic Vestments
Cataclysm was an expansion, like I’ve said before, that I loved and have some fond memories of in those times. Oh hardcore raiding, some much damn trouble and such a time waster but it really pays off for nostalgic purposes. This lovely set is pretty much just for Shamans, I don’t know that Hunters look that great in it. My favorite set with this also uses a different helm (the Rag helm from the Anniversary event). It really pulls off a great elemental shaman vibe.

RegaliaofTheFirebird3) Regalia of the Firebird (recolor)
This is one that I completely forgot about until I was pulling up my favorite sets! This one comes from Throne of Thunder (I think? Forgive me, I didn’t raid in Pandaria) and that set of tier of raids. I like this set for Hunters or Shamans again! It would look especially great on a troll of either class. The blue glow is my favorite color, it gives it a very ethereal look.

4) Malevolent Gladiator’s Pursuit Set (recolor)pvpset
This set I really only like on Drans. They have hooves, and the worst part of this mog is the boots, yuck. But otherwise I love the glowing, asymmetrical shoulders and that floofy hat! That hat… that hat is the best part. This is another set that I think also goes really well it’s expansion. It really pulls off the feel of the expansion well. Bravo!

ShamPvpSet5) Malevolent Gladiator’s Earthshaker (recolor)
     This is the same tier as the set above (to show you how picky I am) and this is very similar. The hat is similar to the one above, less floofy and more creepy. Let me tell you, I’m all about the creep factor (wait till my cloth article). This is possibly the darkest, creepiest to use that word again, that the Shaman’s have. I really enjoy it.

I know I favored the Shaman sets, but they have the best glow and I’m such a girl. I love glow on these types of characters. Who else has some favorites? Lets see them!

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