January Favorites!

It’s a little late since I just decided on a whim to start this business but here is a January Favorites post! This will talk about the little things, bookish and otherwise that I’ve enjoyed this past month!


ChildhoodChildhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke has just been a book that’s stuck to me since I read it. The world’s end and the ascent there has just haunted me. It’s not your typical end of the world book and it gave a new spin to the classic alien invasion trope. I so recommend this to anyone who reads science fiction. I haven’t seen the show yet as I hardly watch TV but I’m tentatively excited about it. Tentatively.



This section is a tie between Panic! At the Disco and Pentatonix. I never got into Panic inPentatonixSing high school, I wasn’t into that type of music for most of those four years and at the end when I did start paying attention to it I went straight to Fall Out Boy. I just discovered it now that their recent video was released Emperor’s New Clothes. I love this video, I can’t explain it to you but I’ve watched it more times than I care to admit. Pentatonix, on that note, is always a favorite. For me though with the way my month was exceptionally bad for my mental health, their song Sing really got to me. It always makes me feel better to sing like an idiot so this was a nice reminder, and I could sing along to it.



My favorite game this month is not even a game I’m playing. That’s how bad this month has been. My husband finished Batman: Arkham Knight, which I did not enjoy Artie.jpgwatching – talk about shitting on your female characters. As soon as he finished that game he picked up Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. This game is killing me. I have my own system I could totally play it but I want him to finish it, I don’t want to play it and commit all the time that I would commit only for something terrible to happen (I have a theory and I swear on everything I own if it happens I’m never playing a UbiSoft game again). That being said it’s looks and seems amazing so far. I’ve avoided main plot line spoilers but GUYS. SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE IS IN IT. BUT HE’S NINE. SERIOUSLY. Not to mention Florence Nightingale, Charles Darwin, CHARLES BLOODY DICKENS?!


Hubby and I are big on protein. He does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) twice, sometimes three times a week and we both do weight lifting. So protein for those muscles, yum. Often times we’ll have a protein bar instead of lunch or breakfast and our current favorite are the Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch bars in the Cookie Dough flavor. This things are delicious, definitely try these if you do protein bars. They taste like a candy bar with fewer calories and more protein. Delicious!


I don’t watch a lot of TV, if any at all. I haven’t made a habit of watching Anime either. I Chithink the last time I watched an anime or most of one was high school. I’ve decided to slowly dip my toes back into that pool of addiction and I started small (I thought) with
Chi’s Sweet Home. It’s so freaking cute and there is a manga. I had to have my husband drag me away in Books-a-Million when I spotted it last week. All the episodes are super short but if you love cats you’d love this. I highly recommend checking this out. It’s available on CrunchyRoll!


I’ve started doing the Planner thing – on a very small scale and I’ve adapted a strange half bullet journaling system and half just daily planning. This is incredibly satisfying. I bought a tiny little 2016 Engagement Calendar from Peter Pauper Press at Books-A-Million. It’s got just enough space that I can fill up my day and I might have space for a sticker or doodle.
I also got a couple sets of magnetic bookmarks for the Hubby and I from CraftedVan. I’ve been using these not only in my books but in my planner! Hermione keeps me on point each week. It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

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