Authors I Want to Complete

There are certain authors I definitely want to finish reading everything they have. I’m not good at this sort of thing but a few have made this list. I have read at least one

  • ·Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    Books read : 2 novels, 10 novellas (one full collection)ArthurConanDoyle
    I think this one is obvious. I love Sherlock Holmes, in fact I love any ‘Great Detective’
    trope. This is something I’ve come to realize. I want to dig up and read anything related to Holmes. To me Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also lived an interesting life. Just from my cursory research of course. I’m just so easily enchanted with anything on this topic, so I’d love to dig through everything he’s written.
  • ·Jane Austen
    Books read : 4 novelsJane_Austen_coloured_version
    This is another obvious one for me. I’ve always enjoyed Austen’s writing, especially listening to Austen. There is a limited pool of books unfortunately and I’ve read most of them, but I’d like to finish rereading and reading the last of those I’ve missed.
  • Stephen King
    Books read : 10? I think it’s been 10StephenKing
    This may never happen, I may never get through King’s whole
    bibliography and not because he has too many. I have Terry Pratchett coming up and that’s a reasonable goal for me. King’s books just take me a while. They’re slow burns, slow reads. At the same time I love them. I also can’t read more than one King every few weeks or it’s almost overwhelming. But I do want to get through his books.
  • Neil Gaiman
    Books read : 15
    I could be missing some here since Gaiman has written quite a few children’s books and short stories. Gaiman is definitely one of my auto buy authors so I own most if Gaimannot all of his recently published works. He has a certain dry and dark humor at times
    that I can’t help seeking it out more. I need to finish Sandman but graphic novels are expensive guys! And my local library doesn’t stock them! >< Also I just love Gaiman as a person, he seems like a genuine person and just great. I can’t formulate just how I feel about him but I really look up to the man.
  • Terry Pratchett
    Books read : 7?TerryPratchett
    Pratchett has what 44 books in Discworld alone? So many… but I’m in no hurry. I
    don’t want to finish all his work and then be sitting around sad. This is another one that I feel like is not going to be a surprise and thus does not need to be explained. #WishILivedOnTheDisc
  • Zen Cho
    Books Read : 1 Novel, 3 short storieszen cho
    Most of Zen Cho’s work is in short stories so far, and a lot of that is hard to get your hands on because it’s in anthologies and not available online. I’ve read what I can
    find, and I’ve got several used copies of anthologies bookmarked for purchase. I love her short fiction and I really enjoyed Sorcerer to the Crown that I read last month. There is just something fresh and refreshing about her short fiction especially, with it’s folklore and setting.
  • Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant
    Books Read : 9/1SeananMcGuire
    I have shockingly few of Seanan’s books and this shame I carry sadly. I love urban
    fantasy so it would stand to reason I would love her October Daye series. I’m just so hesitant to get addicted to it and not have the books! I’ve been accumulating them slowly though. I also really need to catch up on her work as Mira, I loved Parasite.

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