2017 Reading Goals : Authors To Be Read

 I’m trying to set myself a few specific goals this coming year. A lot of things are going on in real life for me, and in an effort to sort those out I’m setting some strict goals for myself. This is probably as a result of feeling like I have no control over a lot of external forces that I’m buckling down on other things, but oh well! There will be a few personal ones, I may or may not make a post about those, but this is the first of my 2017 Reading Goals, my Author read list. There are a lot of authors I really want to get to, but I’m such a maniac and mood reader that often times I’ll just fly right past the books, most of which are LITERALLY SITTING ON MY COMPUTER DESK. I shit you not, I see quite a few of these on the daily but I’m just so scatterbrained that I look right over them.

     SO. This goal is going to be assisted by a few of my other goals for this year to come but here is my Author TBR list. A lot of these authors have 3+ books out, completed series or started, and honestly I’ll be happy if I get at least one or two done. In some cases I’d like to get several books deep. So, to the authors:

     Kim Stanley Robinson – This one is on here for a lot of reasons. I’m wanting more Sci-fi in my life so why not go big? Some of these books have been recommended to me so many times I almost ask ‘I want to read more scifi, and please someone beside Kim Stanley Robinson?’.

     Books I own: 2312, Red Marsredsister

     Mark Lawrence – I really enjoy Mark’s Goodreads feed, I follow him there and I find myself really liking him. I can’t get a 100% feed on him from there of course, so I want to get into his books. Not to mention his newest release next year has an amazing freaking cover – check it out! (they really all do but this one has a lady on it and that makes it 100x more appealing to me).

     Books I own: The Broken Empire trilogy

     Myke Cole – Another author I’ve been a long time follower of, this time on twitter. Myke Cole’s tweets, especially these past few months have been great to see, and I’ve read a blog post he did for the Hold on to The Light campaign that hit me in the feels. His books just seem like they’d be candy to me, short and urban mil sf.

     Books I own: The Shadow Ops trilogy

    birthgrave Tanith Lee – This is kind of a cheat as I did read a little Lee when I was a tiny thing. She was one of the first fantasy writers I picked up, so I want to return to her. She’s a classic female writer of fantasy, so she’s definitely a need-to-read for me.

     Books I own: Wolf Tower, Night’s Master and Birthgrave

      Ken Liu – This guy seems brilliant and a little intimidating to me. Not only has he written some huge books, but his short story collection is beyond hyped, AND he’s working to bring Chinese speculative fiction to the English world. This is something I’m totally down and read for (but intimidated by, because I mean come on).

    Books I own: The Grace of Kings, Three Body Problem (as translator)

      Kate Elliott – This is one of those writers who I’ve owned/own quite a few of her books but I’ve never gotten around to reading them. And again, this is a well-known and established female fantasy writer that I need to get behind.

    Books I own: Spirit Gate, Cold Magic, and King’s Dragon

    Sarah Waters – I’m pretty sure everyone but me has read Sarah Waters but here ya go. She writes a lot of queer historical fiction, and is well known for it. I don’t really need to know anything else, I just need to actually read the damn things.

     Books I own: Fingersmith, The Paying Guestsoranges

     Jeanette Winterson – This is heading more into the fiction side of things, but Oranges
Are Not the Only Fruit has been on my radar for a super long time. I’m all about reading about a queer woman’s life so, again, sign me up!

     Books I own: None yet

     Haruki Mirakami – I think he was on last year’s list of authors I want to read. I don’t have any excuses. Just… shame.

    Books I own: The Wind Up Bird Chronicles

     Guy Gavriel Kay – Historical fantasy! I need more of it. I’ve heard absolutely nothing but amazing things about Guy Gavriel Kay and I’m not going to lie, he’s been on my TBR easily three years or more. First book blog kind of days. So. Just like with Haruki Mirakami – shame.

    Books I own: The Under Heaven Duology, The Saratine Mosiac Duology

      This is but a sampling, but these are the generic ones I’d like to read. I have a few other goals that will include other authors so these are some of my more general ones. Till next time!

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