Bout of Books : Day two!

I finished two books on day two, woohoo! My original picture/post was to Litsy (which if you haven’t looked up you totally should, and if you have you can find me under Sarrie).

For day two’s challenge we need to talk about our 2017 Goals. Oh boy! I did a whole series of posts for this! I can sum it up with:

  • Several reading challenges: The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge (starting, not finishing), The Pop Sugar Reading Challenge, and The Read Harder ReadingChallenge!
    I’ve already managed to knock a couple books off each one too!30-rock-3

  • Several authors I need to read more of/start on!
  • And a very strict book buying ban, because who doesn’t have problems buying books these days, I mean – come on!

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s goals this year!

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