2017 Reading Goals – Challenges

    So my next goal of ‘things to read’ are two challenges I want to complete. And I’m hoping that I’ll be able to complete these challenges with books from my other two goals! So two birds with one stone! 

   First off I’ll say I’m starting but definitely not finishing The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. I’d like to eventually be able to say I’ve completed this. I have something like 60 books already read on the challenge. A lot of them though I’ve read a long, long time ago, so I’ll reread those. That’s books like 1984, The Diary of Anne Frank, Crime and Punishment, etc. So many of the books on the challenge are books I want to read and a few specific books on there are part of my specifics to read this year as well.

    Now, for the challenges I want to complete.

    I’m definitely doing the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. It’s not a long challenge, but it looks pretty challenging this year. I also really like the author added on challenges. There is a big focus on LGBTQA+ books this time, and a few challenges on translated works and things I don’t normally read like travel memoirs and sports. It helps that I’m a big Book Riot fan, especially lately. Their podcasts are the best.

    I’m also going to work through the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge which I know nothing about besides that an IRL friend wanted to do with me. It looks like it’ll be pretty fun, and not too hard. I have heard of it in the past but beyond that I know little about it unfortunately.

     I’ve got both challenges printed off and in my journal for easy access. I’ll link to all of them, though for the Rory Gilmore challenge I created my own spreadsheet. I can make that available on a Google drive if anyone wants it but it’s easy enough to find .pdfs of it. I’m not going to make these mutually exclusive, as I stated above either. If I… say read War and Peace I’ll definitely mark it on the Gilmore challenge and the Book Riot challenge for translated work and even on Pop Sugar if it fits. I don’t anticipate these being too upsetting to my reading life – I’m honestly hoping they’ll help me branch out even more this coming year!

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