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Star Wars Roundup

    I’m slowly working my way through the current canon Star Wars novels with hit and miss results. Just because it’s canon doesn’t make it good! Since I did not chronicle any reading from 2019 here I thought I’d rank what I’ve read so far moving into 2020 since I’m going to continue this… Continue reading Star Wars Roundup

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20 in 2020!

So the title, short and sweet, says it all. These are the 20 books I want to get to in 2020. I'm not setting any other big 'I need to read this' goals for 2020 besides my Goodreads Goal which is set to 100 books as I'm due to have a baby within the first… Continue reading 20 in 2020!

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Booktubeathon Wrap-up!

So as far as meeting challenges and 'winning' at Booktubeathon, I did not make it. However I got a lot of reading done! I'm actually really happy with how much I got done and just the content overall. I didn't meet all the reading challenges but I'm alright with that. As always on these you… Continue reading Booktubeathon Wrap-up!

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Bout of Books! Day Four & Five (a little late!)

This week has been rough on my left hand, which I believe I mentioned before, but I have been having serious problems with. So I took yesterday off to rest it and recoup a little. I'm back today though!  As far as progress I've actually nearly burned through my TBR. Because my hand has been… Continue reading Bout of Books! Day Four & Five (a little late!)

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2017 Reading Goals – Challenges

    So my next goal of ‘things to read’ are two challenges I want to complete. And I’m hoping that I’ll be able to complete these challenges with books from my other two goals! So two birds with one stone!     First off I’ll say I’m starting but definitely not finishing The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.… Continue reading 2017 Reading Goals – Challenges