Star Wars Roundup

    I’m slowly working my way through the current canon Star Wars novels with hit and miss results. Just because it’s canon doesn’t make it good! Since I did not chronicle any reading from 2019 here I thought I’d rank what I’ve read so far moving into 2020 since I’m going to continue this project until I’m caught up, even if that means it’s a multi-year project. Additionally it’ll be interesting to look back on this as I read through more of the books on my Star Wars TBR (post coming next week!). 

  1. Queen’s Shadow – There was some debate with me as to if this actually beat out Dooku, but this breathed life into a character I had completely written off. No joke, this changed my view on Padme and her handmaidens completely. Absolutely loved this.
  2. Dooku: Jedi Lost – Even written as a script this was SO engaging, my husband reports the audio book is excellent as well with the usual sound effects great production.
  3. Dark Disciple – Still one of the best of the best. I think a theme with my top books is definitely Ventress – for a reason. This just brought her story and so much of the cancelled Clone Wars to a close in a way I love. And can we talk about Mace Windu going full Grey – let’s just hire an assassin. Yes my headcanon Grey Jedi Master. Yes.
  4. Lost Stars – Even though these characters have yet to reappear, and by God do I want them too, this story just stands on it’s own as just a Good, Well Crafted Story. The writing, plotting, and the characters. Even if you took this out of the Star Wars Universe you’d have a great story that fans and non-fans can enjoy. 
  5. The Legends of Luke Skywalker – I just super enjoyed these tidbits of stories from all over the place about the legendary Luke Skywalker. It gave the different possible cultures of the galaxy new life and looked at how they might interpret the Force which is definitely not consistent across the board.
  6. Master and Apprentice – A very cool look at Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. As the two are not my favorite pair I found this more interesting than enthralling. My husband, who loves them both, was completely caught on this though. If you like the two definitely pick this up.
  7. The Perfect Weapon – A short story worth reading – and I recommend you do so on Audio. The writing style won’t work for everyone but I think the flowery, purple prose added to the character’s voice.
  8. Resistance Reborn – Definitely a filler/setup kind of book, though ultimately I thought it all the work it put into setting up the final movie was mostly ignored. Some nice cross referencing to the Fallen Order game though!
  9. The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear – I know it’s a kids book but the writing and the setting just totally got me. I had a lot of fun with this and really liked the creepy world it took place on. 
  10. Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens! – Just fun background and character information. Nothing story related but the world building and the focus on Maz’s Palace at times was interesting.
  11. Ahsoka – I loved this when I read it and can you believe I remember NOTHING from it now. I’m super sad about this as Ahsoka is one of my favorite characters in the new canon. 
  12. Cobalt Squadron – This was not bad, but fairly forgettable. It was nice to see some history for Rose considering how little screen time she ultimately received. 
  13. Before the Awakening – Another very forgettable read. I recall enjoying the stories we had but as far as permanence goes, it just doesn’t stick. 
  14. Guardian of the Whills – I know that I enjoyed this one but ultimately it ended up being very forgettable for me. I just had such a problem with the Rogue One movie and it’s tie ins, it was a huge miss for me. 
  15. A Crash of Fate – Second least favorite. It felt very shallow, very limited to the world within the character’s minds and didn’t feel at all like a Star Wars book. It felt like a YA romance that just happened to be set in the Star Wars universe – so disappointing.
  16. Force Collector – My least favorite I’ve read, by far. I was so confused by the first third that I wasn’t even sure I was reading a Star Wars book, I double checked the title page at least twice.


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